10 Best Article Submission Software 2020 – 2021

10 Best Article Submission Software



Website traffic is an important criteria in this competitive business world. May be you have a good looking, best quality website but if you don’t have traffic to your website, it will be a waste. So to succeed in this business world, you have to try increasing your website traffic. How to increase website traffic? Website traffic can be increased by submitting blogs in various other article submitting tools. But manually adding each blog to various websites is difficult. So instead of adding same blog manually on different websites, if once you have posted manually on one website, then you can submit the article automatically on different websites simultaneously. In this blog, we will introduce you the top 10 best article submission software 2018 for improving your site traffic.

How do Article Submission improve Search Engine Ranking?

Have you ever wondered how famous article writers submit their articles in thousands of article submitting websites?
Articles play a vital role in improving search engine ranking. Best quality content with required keywords will help you jump to the top level in SEO ranking. Try to submit articles regularly so that you will not be avoided from your readers.
Articles with quality content will definitely help you in the betterment of SEO ranking. Your posts may not reach to more visitors if you have submitted the article only to your website. You will have to find out which all websites offer free article marketing software. So that you can add your blogs to all those websites, so that visitors of those websites can also view your article too. So there by you can increase traffic to your site.
But there is another problem. Adding the same post manually in hundreds of websites is very difficult. It is a very lengthy process. They might using some trick for posting the articles in various websites as a bulk. If you are very much interested in article writing, you might have noticed that one cannot submit their posts one by one to thousands of article directory submission software. All blog submitters searches for free article software
So for this purpose, in order to perform article submission in SEO, there are free article writer tools available. Only thing you have to do is buy website traffic. For this, the first and fore most thing you have to do is that, manually create your blog post once in your site. Then create accounts in all of these free social article submission software. Then submit your backlink, description and thus you can make the visitors reach your website.

Benefits of Article Submission Software:

There are various benefits of article submission including advertising, marketing and publicity of your business on the Internet.

  1. Article submissions have the ability to improve the search engine ranking of your online business by increasing the quantity of backlinks.
  2. By providing information and details within the articles, this can create trust to the visitors. This paves way to the potential customers to visit your website even with blind eyes.
  3. Article submission in various websites saves more time and manual effort.
  4. An article can reveal whether the writer is an expert in that subject or not. Here for the case of website owner, the quality of the article submitted can establish him as an expert in his industry.
  5. Article Submission software helps to discover the best article creator software.
  6. Other than manually adding blogs in hundreds of websites, if you are using automated article submission software, you can easily build multiple blogs at different websites simultaneously.

5 Tips on how to write your articles

During the process of article submission do not forget to consider the 5 tips indicated below:

  1. The topic you select for article research should be something related to your business field and the article should contain maximum relevant information about the topic. It should be informative.
  2. Google crawls keywords in your article for SEO purposes. So you should include maximum keywords for your article. But adding of keywords should not exceed its limit.
  3. Try to write articles which contains words more than 500.
  4. For better SEO results, rename your title which includes main keyword in it, so that web crawlers can get into your article easily.
  5. While writing your blogs, try to present it in a way which is simple and nice to see. The content should not be weird in the page. Try to include sub-headings, bullets, numberings, etc. to your blogs so that it will be presentable and it will be very easy for the visitors to read them without any difficulty.

Top 10 Best Article Submission Software 2019:

The best free article submission software available for improving your website traffic is given below:

1. Money Robot

Money Robot is one of the best link building software that creates very good and high-quality backlinks. This software is also used to to create article creator software that able to create and manage an unlimited number of blogs article

In Money Robot two type of payment option is available, the first one is a monthly subscription is $67 and the second one is lifetime licenses at $497.This tool can submit your article with advanced features. After submitting your blog, Money Robot Article submitter allows you to check the article status.

2. Quick Article Submitter

Quick Article Submitter is the best article submission software that can provide high quality back links. It is a tool that helps you to submit your article to more than four hundred directories within few minutes. Quick Article Submitter is a user friendly software. It is easy to use. Its database is updated with more websites regularly. So blindly we can say that Quick Article submitter can give you a better result for the case of your website’s SEO ranking.

This tool can submit your article with advanced features. Some of its advanced features include “Auto Submission of Articles” and “Scheduled Submission of Articles”. After submitting of your blog, Quick Article submitter allows you to check the article status.

Through Quick Article Submitter, you can witness your article with instantly indexed and crawled by search engines and you will be getting better results in search engines.

3. Magic Article Submitter

Magic Article Submitter is a user friendly article submission tool that helps you to post your article to more than 500 websites. Here article can be submitted very easily without any difficulty. With this tool, you can not only post your blog but also you can view the status of your website back link. Every time more and more websites are added in Magic Article Submitter’s database and so it creates hundreds of accounts for each user automatically. Thus you can submit your article to more than 1000 sites with this free software.
Magic Article Submitter Software provides features such as Automatic update, submit your article in more than one directory at a time. You don’t have to edit your article to meet any guidelines. In this tool, you don’t have to worry on how to submit your article. You just have to concentrate on writing articles. This article submission tool saves the blogger’s time by automating all the phases of article submission.

4. Instant Article Submitter

Instant Article Submitter is one of best article re-writer software that helps the blogger in automatic submission of websites. This is an article submission software that takes your article and submits it automatically to different directories simultaneously. It can submit over 200 directories. Some of the attractive features of Instant Article Submitter is that, it allows Scheduled Submission of Articles and a Spelling Checker. Spelling checker is a feature that helps the bloggers to identify if there exists any mistakes. This tool will submit your article only if it is free from errors. Instant Article Submitter also brings you another software which helps you to write stunning articles using the free article software called “Instant Article Creator”. This software allows you to write powerful articles including the keywords within minutes.

5. Yoobids Article Submitter

Yoobids Article Submitter is an automatic article submission tool that can load your articles to over 500 websites. All you have to do is, select a category to which your blog will be most suited and click on the submit button. Yoobids Article Submitter spams your articles all over the net. This software stores your personnel information like your name, your article, author resource box, etc. It also writes an article summary on any sites that asks for it.
Once submitted an article in Yoobids Article Submitter software, then it will take your article to each website by itself and then logs in for you and automatically fills all the necessary information needed for article submission. It will also create short descriptions for the sites which asks for it. After submission we could see that your article appears to be natural and looks like manually done.

6. SEO Suite

SEO Suite is one of the latest search engine optimization management tool that helps to improve your search engine rankings. This is a software that can be used to provide large scale SEO campaigns. If you are in search for a software that provides free article submission and spinning capabilities, then SEO suite can be a solution for this. SEO Suite consists of around 20 tools in general. SEO Suite observes regularly the keywords and creates its own quality backlinks automatically.
Some of its main features are Search Engine Submission, meta tag generation, article submission, page rank checker, network support and many more.. It also has the ability to find out how to optimize your website in minutes. You have a button to check your ranking for any keyword.

7. Article Post Robot:

Article Post Robot has been updated in the recent period with numerous added features and article submission directories into it. This software helps you to submit your article in more than 400 directories simultaneously. This software is very simple and easy to use and you can handle so many article submissions within seconds. This helps your article to reach more visitors and supports you to improve your search engine ranking.

8. Article Marketing Monster:

Article Marketing Monster is a software that helps to submit the articles in bundle to a large number of directories. This software is widely used by SEO professionals.
For this purpose to be automatically done by the software, you have to provide your personal information and click “GO” button to start. You have to choose a category to which your article suites the most, before publishing the software. This software automatically let you register to top directories without making you do it manually. You can easily sign up once in Article Marketing Monster software and submit your article once, it will automatically be added up to top other directories also within a minute.

9. Best Free Article Directory Submitter:

Best Free Article Submitter software is a tool which promotes SEO ranking for various websites through article submission. Submitting an article to a directory is a popular way for getting traffic to your website. There are lots and lots of paid article directories are available in internet, but there are very few directories which are free of cost. Best free article submitter helps you in submitting article in bulk to a large number of free article directories within minutes.

10. Article Kevo

Article Kevo was developed in 2012. This was mainly developed for article submission. Article Kevo works effectively in WordPress, Blog, Article Dashboard, Tumblr, etc. Since its release, Article Kevo has created a good impression and it supports over 24 platforms.
The speciality of Article Kevo is that, you can provide your own list for submitting your articles. This tool has the ability to create multiple accounts at the same time. You don’t have to login to each account and submit your article manually. There is button to auto fill your details and other information needed for submitting your articles.
If you have to remove the article from all the list which was submitted already, then you can clean them up by a single click on the auto-clean button. You can also filter the list from submitting through this tool. In general, Article Kevo is an advanced tool.

11. Article Demon:

Article Demon is an advanced tool that was developed in 2009. This tool helps the blogger to create a large number of quality back links. Article Demon helps your website to rank top since it provides quicker and faster search engine indexing. This tool helps you in creating better results in search engine rankings. Also establishes more traffic towards your website. Article demon is an article submission software that helps in boosting your business credibility.

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