Can Google Rank Content in Accordions for SEO Keywords

Accordion Text


SEO Accordion Text

In marketing, content is the most important factor. The traffic depends on how the content is arranged within the website. We are familiar with different types of websites such as some are congested with their data and some others arrange the data in a perfect way. All users prefer arranges websites. Because the user does not tend to read the unarranged congested content.

The congested content can be arranged by using drop-down menus, tabs and so on. These accordion text and drop downs make the page more attractive which improves the traffic of the page. A user can switch from one tab to the other tab according to their need. The author actually arranged the overloaded data in tabs to get a better user experience. On the first page load, the contents in the tabs are hidden.


Can Google Crawl  SEO Accordion Text

But there is a chance of getting a doubt whether the hidden data will affect the search results. In olden days Google considered the tabbed content as unwanted or secondary. The algorithm identifies that the hidden content is not useful for the users.  Google’s condition was that the content should be visible on the first-page load itself. So that Google doesn’t crawl the hidden content of the page. Otherwise, Google should not consider the content. Google consider the content as a Blackhat SEO and this will badly affect the ranking of your page.

But Google made a slight change in their condition in which Google will crawl the accordion text HTML but the value of that content will less when compared to the visible content. Now Google gives the same priority to the hidden content as the visible content. It may cause low ranking of your website. For example, if user search for a relevant item, if the searched item is hidden, and then Google does not consider the result.


Why Accordion Text

Accordion text in a webpage plays a vital role in making the page attractive and user-friendly. It will make the page arranged in a clean manner and easily understandable. Nowadays the accordion text becomes mobile friendly and desktop friendly. The overloaded information can be simplified using accordion text. Google is now actively indexing the tabbed content.

Big online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart manage Mega Information. They favour non-accordion style. Other than tabs they use anchor text in which they will redirect to the subpages of the site. We use sub-headings, PDFs, videos, photos, and info graphics also instead of tabs which makes the page attractive.


Hidden Text and Mobile First Indexing

As we know, most of the users are mobile users. Studies say that mobile phone search is increased compared to desktop searches. The Mobile First Indexing means that Google will crawl the mobile version first and then determines rankings for the mobile and desktop. While crawling the mobile version if no mobile version is available hence crawl the desktop version. The final intent of Google is to offer a great experience to the user.

The website should be mobile friendly and attractive. It affects the ranking of the website to a far better. Here comes the need of accordion text. They will improve the site attraction and makes user-friendly on a small screen. Gary Illyes and John Mueller who are the representatives of Google confirmed that the hidden content in a web page considered as the normal text. Google will not give any preference to the default content. The study gets concluded after getting the accurate result that Google considers all contents equally.


Check Your Website

If your website is already tabbed you can evaluate your website whether the tab causes a negative impact on your page. You can find the needed updations for your page through this. For testing, you should follow the following steps.

1) Sign in to the Google Analytics account

2) Select only the Organic Traffic from the “+Add Segment”

3) Click “Behaviour” on the left-side navigation

4) Click on “Landing Pages”

5) Then select two accordion style pages on your website in which both have the same traffic. This will be the “test subject” and “control”.

6) Select the page which has less amount of traffic as “test subject” and pulls out contents of the current tab

7) Hence include all the content in the body of landing page and remove the tabs from that page.

8) Define the anchor text.

9) Create anchor text

10) Wait 4-6 months for the results in Google Analytics.

Hence you can evaluate how much negative impact is caused by the tabbed content in your site. Google Analytics is the best tool for site evaluating.


As content is the important factor in marketing a user should aware about the important guidelines to make the content more attractive. Always make your important content visible to the users. If it is tabbed it may affect the ranking of the page. Even though Google can crawl the HTML content in tab expanding sections, they may be less valued. So that the important content should always be placed on the landing page itself. Display the important content up front. Hence Google can easily crawl your content. Instead of using accordion text it is better to use anchor text and links which can redirect to your subpages. User has a usual doubt that is tabbed content will affect the SEO of the website. Now Google will crawl all the content including the tabbed data. But it is better to add the important content as default and use anchor text.

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