How to Add PayPal Donate Button in BlogSpot Sites

PayPal Donate Button


All of us work hard to earn money. What if adding a “Donate” button to your website and earning money from there. This article will give you the best solution on how to add PayPal Donate button in BlogSpot Sites. If your site is Word Press, there are so many plugins available for you to create a Paypal Donate Button. But if you are on Blogger site which is hosted with then you can easily make add a Paypal donate button without the help of a plugin. This article will guide you on how to add Paypal donate button in BlogSpot sites.

How to make money online from Paypal donate button in BlogSpot sites:

Paypal Donate button you have created should be simple and should be eye catching so that the visitor can click on the button and pay money online through Paypal. Only thing you need to have is that a Paypal account. Actually the working of Paypal donate button on BlogSpot sites is that the visitors click on the Donate button and you get the money thereby. The Donate button creation in Paypal.

Many of the non-profitable websites we have, simply creates Donate button in their websites. This is to cover up the cost for running the websites. Creating a Paypal Donate button is not a difficult task. There is no other issues related to the button to run behind it. Without any special permission, you can have the Paypal donate button freely. Always remember that over expectations will keep you down. Don’t expect much dollars of amount from the Donate button you provide throughout your site. The amount you get may be useful to buy a cup of tea. But remember that even you are getting a penny of money from the donate button, it is awesome that you are getting it freely without doing any service for your visitors. There also exists possibilities of getting more money that expecting. So expect only up to a limit.

How to Add PayPal Donate Button in BlogSpot Sites

We all are very much active in social media sites and we used to visit various blogs from different websites. Also we see a Donation button on the sidebar, or top or bottom of various posts. The Donate button can be a “call to action” or a text which provokes you to donate some money.

Its appearance and wordings can be customized by ourselves. But we for bringing the Donate button on to the site we need to follow some simple steps. The donate button can be added to your site in different ways. You can add donate button on the sidebar, or bottom or anywhere in the blogspot sites. We will discuss the steps on how to add Paypal donate button in blogspot sites in both cases.

Steps on how to add Paypal Donate button in Blogspot Sites:

Step 1: First of all, login to your Paypal Account and go to Paypal button creation page. Now select “Donations” from the drop down menu as shown below.

PayPal Donate Button

Step2: Now you will see a small text field where you have to fill your Organization name and services you offer. But remember that it should not be too descriptive.
Also you will see another text field where you have to fill the donation id. This is not compulsory. If you have not filled this field, then the system will automatically generate the donation id and fill it by itself.

PayPal Donate Button

Step 3: By clicking on the “Customize Text or Appearance” you can custom style your Paypal donate button, change the button text and you can make any customized changes for the button that display through Paypal. But the functionality will not be changed.

PayPal Donate Button

Step 4: After finalizing everything, you can now click on the “Create button”. Only after creating your button, you will get the code that have to be used in to your website.

PayPal Donate Button

Step 5: Now select any specific currency type you need. This means that you will be received the amount from the donor with the respective currency type that you have selected no matter what type of currency your donor donates.

PayPal Donate Button

Step 6: Also you can set the Paypal donate button a specific amount to donate or else you can set as free handed. If you select the option “Donors enter their own contribution amount” then the donors can freely send any amount to your website. But if you select the option “Donors contribute a fixed amount”, then the donors can donate only a fixed amount to your website which you have set in your paypal account.

Step 7: By default the contribution amount will be send to the merchant id and if you need to send that to a particular email id also it is possible. But more secure is sending the contribution amount to the Merchant is the best way to get more contributions.

PayPal Donate Button

Step 8: After selecting the merchant’s account id, you will be redirected to the page where you will get the code for the Donate button for your website. Simply click on the “Select Code” to copy the whole code completely in just one click.

Step 9: If you are using old interface, then goto Design. But if you are using latest version, then simply go to Layouts. Add a widget on where you want the button on your site.

Step 10: Now choose the HTML/Javascript to paste the code. Now click on the Save button and check whether your Paypal Donate button has been created or not.


While reading blogs on social media everyday, we have seen Paypal Donate button on the blog. Paypal helps the websites to earn money online through varioud contribution ideas. It supports Donate button to accept a lot of contributions from the donors for your blogspot websites. Using the “Paypal Donate” button, since it comes with various attracting features, it is very much helpful for the blogspot webisites who look forward for donations. There are also non-profitable blogspot websites that use “Paypal Donate” button on their blogspot websites to earn the cost for running the website.

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