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amazon review site


We all prefer online shopping nowadays and we all are aware of the website called Amazon. Amazon reviews is one of the most important factor that reveals and indicate the value or the quality of your product for selling. Selling of a particular product compulsorily requires good opinion among and good presentation to your customers. Each review of your customer reveals what your product is and it decides the growth of your product. It is interesting to know that there are websites who offer free shopping for the review writers. Isn’t this seems quite interesting? Come let’s check out the various amazon review sites and find out the offers through this article.

amazon review site

Shopping through online has become the easiest and money saving method to shop things according to your wish. Amazon is one of the most useful online shopping websites which sells best products around the world. Money saving is one of the main reasons that Amazon Shopping website has become popular of all. We can undoubtedly that Amazon site is one of the most successful E commerce websites in shopping history.

How Amazon Review Sites Work?

Amazon review sites provide value on your reviews and give you offers like free purchase, discount coupons etc, for shopping through online in Amazon. Similar to shops that provide us offers for their products as regular customers, Amazon also provide you offers based on the purchase history that you have made with them. If you are a regular trusted customer, then the Amazon sellers will blindly provide you the better offers for you.

Now, through best Amazon review sites, it is even possible to get free products at your home from Amazon website. Reviews has a great role in revealing the quality of a product and it also affects the growth of your business for selling them. Good quality products will definitely get good reviews. If there exists any fault in your side in selling the product, then the result will be bad reviews. Customer satisfaction must be the first priority of all the sellers.

Reviews are giving more importance because products with good reviews will be sold more than same products with zero reviews or bad reviews. Since reviews about a product is having great importance in the growth of the seller’s business, they are in look of best Amazon review sites. From these kind of Amazon review websites, both the sellers and customers are benefited from these review sites.

On these top Amazon review sites, the review writers may get offers directly from the Amazon and the sellers according to the purchase that you have made with Amazon. Offer may vary from sellers to sellers or according to the cost of products that you have purchased through Amazon. Sometimes you don’t have to pay full price for the products you are going to purchase. With Amazon review sites, you also get coupons with more off on their price. Some of the offers include free shipping on even one product if you have already bought for over $35 or if you are an Amazon Prime member then you get free 2 day shipping on all products. Thus offers are very interesting for the people who love to online shopping. For these offers you have to pay them back by providing your honest reviews in the Amazon review sites.

Top 20 Amazon Review Sites:

1. Vipon

Amazon review sites

Vipon stands top in the list of Amazon review sites, since it provides the best user experience. The old name Vipon was AMZ Review Trader. Vipon provides a large amount of selections on different products and provides the customers with great offers and experience. The customer can buy more than 15 products at a time through Vipon review website. Most of the best offers of Vipon ranges from 50% to 100%. More money can be saved through Vipon for purchasing online. One disadvantage of Vipon is that the customers should need to get approval for each product they are going to purchase. This is an advantage for the sellers that they can choose the best customers for their products for better product ranking.

2. Snagshout

Amazon review sites

One of the most popular Amazon review sites is Snagshout. It allows the customer to review only one product at a time. It means that, you have to place an order, test the product and review it. After submitting your review, the Snagshout team will verify them correctly. So provide honest reviews. Only after verification done by Snagshout you will be able to review another product.
You will get one coupon which is called as snags every three days. At once you can give five snags together. The Snagshout amazon review site will help you in finding the snags available for you through regular newsletter.

3. Elite Deal Club

Amazon review sites

This is a different kind of website that does not want you to write review for products that you have purchased by getting discount. Elite Deal Club gets you the products that you can purchase for free or at a very simple rate at your fingertips. There will be email notification to all the customers of Elite deal Club about the deals of each day.

There are no limits in claiming the deals for a particular customer. But you can claim only one deal every morning. Only after 2 PM EST time, you can claim for other deal.

4. VIP Amazon Review Club

Amazon review sites

VIP Amazon Review Club is a review website that provides the customer to post a review about the test product. It usually does not offer free purchase of products, but it gives a better discount than other review websites.

For example, the products that sell for $20- $30 range in Amazon, you, as a VIP Amazon Reviewer, can purchase them for $3 to $5. It is one of the main attraction of customers towards this site. But one another demerit is that, you will get only 3 days to post a review for the product you have purchased for testing. It is actually a short span of time for a customer to test the product completely and to provide an honest review.

5. Deal Go!Go!Go!

Amazon review sites

Deal Go Go Go is a kind of Amazon review site which the customers or the reviewers love the most. They love so because, the customer can claim for about 10 products at a time. Most of the review sites doesn’t offer this. this is one of the main attraction towards this Amazon review site.
Its working is quite fine that after submitting the honest review from the customer side, there is no manual testing about the product. The testing process is done automatically. But most of the products does not offer a 100% discount. But there are products that provides you great offers and make you purchase things at a cheaper rate than other review websites. There is a medium collection of products from Amazon websites which includes fashion, electronics, etc.

6. AmzRC

Amazon review sites

Another best website for Amazon review websites is AmzRC. AmzRC stands for Amazon Review Club. This site has the wide collection of products which the customers will definitely like. But AmzRC is not designed attractively and there are also no free discount offers for the customers. But they guarantees the best discount offers for the products displayed on their website. They have a good quality of deals and they also notify about the great offers available on the site through email notifications.

7. Dollar Deal Reviews

Amazon review sites

If you are not a good reviewer or don’t know how to make others understand about the quality of the products, and you want offers and free delas as well like other Amazon Review sites, then Dollar Deal Review can be the best option.

Here most of the products provides a minimum discount of 75% and also offers free purchase of some products for its customers. Review writing is optional for this website.
You can redeem the discounts through credits. While posting reviews, you will get credits by buying them for $1.

Joining this website is free of cost. At the time of joining, you will get 200 credits for free. You can redeem a discount coupon code for the credits you get. 100 credits = 1 discount code. You can also earn credits by referring this Amazon Review site with your friends.

8. Etekcity

Amazon review sites

Etekcity is an amazon review website that mostly offers products purchase for free. In return for your valuable review, Etekcity will give you free products for you that have been put in amazon.

You will be having only email communication with the sellers and they have a good customer service also.

9. I Love to Review

Amazon review sites

It is a fast grown Amazon Review site that provides discounts on most of the accessory products that costs less than $10. It mainly focuses on the small cost accessory products like mobile cases, small kitchen tools, etc. It also provides offers on some costly dresses as well.
you will receive email notification everyday about the offers you have.

10. Giveaway Service

Amazon review sites

Giveaway Service is a website that allows the customers to provide their opinions freely into the site about products they have purchased through Amazon. They can even share their experiences faced while shopping in Amazon. But Give away service, in return, provides only the high quality products of various category items to its customers. The best thing is that the purchasers can get offers of 90% to 100% discounts.

11. iReview Home

Amazon review sites

iReview Home is an online Amazon review website where you can see products for $1 and also even free purchase products. By reviewing correctly, you will get more offers for you to purchase at cheap rate. But each time you purchase products and claim for discount, you will have to get approval from the seller directly. If you are a regular reviewer, you will get more and more offers from sellers.

12. Home Product Testing

Amazon review sites

Home Product Testing is a website that allows discounts for the products that can be used in and around your home. Here to get discount, you will have to apply a specific product. Then its seller will email you the discount code personally. You can apply using the discount code sent to your email by the seller.

13. Product Elf

Amazon review sites

This is another Amazon product review website, that allows the customers to test and review the products that range from $0 to $5. Product Elf have a small collection of products on almost all categories of items that is sold in Amazon shopping website.

Product Elf will definitely be a good selection, who loves reviewing and testing. Here the offers for each product does not last for long because it is quickly grown website among the public. So coupon codes will expire quickly. So purchase anything from Product Elf without trying to purchase it later using “Save to Later” items.

14. Better Discounts

This is an online product review website, that needs you to review not only for amazon but for other online shopping websites as well.

It is free to register in Better Discounts. For getting promotional codes, it is not compulsory to submit reviews for the products you purchased. But it will be helpful for the customers to buy them in future.

15. BuView

best Amazon review sites

Buview is an Amazon review site that focuses on the Pending release or Coming soon products. Buview also provides some basic offers of some paid Amazon review sites. It is free of cost to join Buview. So collect maximum of the discounts by reviewing correctly rather than buying the products from the small discounts that you get you get through single review.

16. Jump Send

best Amazon review sites

This is a site that offers some best deals on Amazon. Here you cannot purchase products for free. But you can purchase them for nearly free of cost.

For example, you can buy them for 10 cents. This site mainly focus on books category.
Physical products like books and downloadable pdfs are also available at very low prices in Jump Send. User experience is also good.

17. Secrets Deal Club

Most of the deals of this website stays for a reasonable days before they get run out. New offers available on each day will be informed through email notification to all its customers everyday at 10AM PST. The products are also of good and better quality.

18. AmzSpecial

best Amazon review sites

AmzSpecial is an amazon review website that charges a fee on monthly basis for getting better discounts on products. The fee is $0.99/month.

It is guaranteed that you will get atleast 85% of discounts on most of the products. Also you will get email notification about the product discounts and various offers available several times a day. Another attraction is that there is no limit in applying the number of deals for a customer.

19. Uberzon Club

Amazon review sites

Like other best amazon review sites, Uberzon Club is not much popular among the public. They seems to be a little bit strict in providing offers for the products also. Even though they have only little collection of products, they still have some great dealings as well.

Once you wish to purchase a product, then you will have to submit the shipping address. Within 4 hours, you will get promotional codes. Be sure to grab your deals before they get expire.

20. Best One Review

Amazon review sites

This is a review site that provides discounts mainly on beauty, health and dress categories. The discounts will be atleast 80% for different products. Here it is also possible to find offers of other category products like cell phones, etc. available on Amazon through this website.


Amazon Review sites works with partnership from amazon sellers. Customer review is very important for a product promotion. So for honest product reviews, the sellers will provide you discount coupons and you can purchase them even for free or nearly free. Hope that this article will definitely help you in understanding about the amazon review sites and information about how you get better deals. Remember that instead of checking the site’s homepage for offers, it is much more better to join their mailing list so that you get more offers accordingly form time to time.

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