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Thousands and thousands of websites are available nowadays and attracting more customers to your website is something a challenging part of your business growth. For obtaining a decent number of traffic to your website, not only by direct customer clicks, but SEO monitoring tools 2020 play an important role in promoting your website in the first page of google search results. The beginners may not be able to understand the importance of SEO and SEO monitoring tools. We have the best SEO monitoring tools available in the Internet and this article will definitely help you in selecting the best SEO monitoring tools for you. In this article, you can learn and understand what is Search Engine Optimization and its importance in business areas. Also you will get an idea on how to select the best SEO monitoring tools and thereby how to boost your website to reach more traffic.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In simply saying, Search Engine Optimization is something that promotes your website to get more traffic towards it. SEO is very very important than anything. It has become an inevitable thing to understand the importance of SEO for the better increase of your business graph. A web master should definitely know the importance and the effective of SEO in your business.

Theoretically, SEO is a set of rules, that should be followed by a website to optimize it for the search engines and thus helps you to improve the search engine rankings. The rules of SEO is something that helps you increase the quality of your website and make them user friendly. Navigation from one of your webpage to other webpages of your site is important and it should be navigated correctly which we could say that as a user friendly and faster method to go through your website. All these comprises of the rules of SEO. In another way, SEO can be considered as a framework because its entire process consist of a set of rules, a huge number of stages and a set of controls to track them.

Importance of best seo tools for small business :

Everyone of use search engines for many of our questions and they provide a list of solutions to our questions or problems. We may be wondering how this is happening. It is the task of Search Engine Optimization Tools. During our searches for our queries, we may most probably selecting the first five or ten (maximum) websites obtained as a result of our search. It is the task of SEO. The challenge of SEO tools is to boost your website to display on top results of your search engines result page. Only then traffic can be increased gradually. We cannot boost your website suddenly. You have to provide some time, to achieve top rankings for your websites in the search engine.

This doesn’t mean that, the only task of SEO tool is about search engines. No. It is wrong. A good SEO practice can certainly improve your website user experience and usage of your website. Grabing the user’s trust is an important thing for the successful growth of your business. Users mostly trust on search engines for the queries they have and search for solutions in the most of top five suggestions the search engines provide.

The websites which appear at the top of the search results are the ones which the visitors may share on their social media. So in order to get a social media promotion about your company, it is very necessary to do SEO techniques using some SEO monitoring tools.

SEO techniques are also helpful in blog websites since there exists multiple authors. By doing SEO techniques to your websites, both the authors and the website owners are benefited directly and indirectly. In general, SEO is an avoidable part of your business to get promoted in the society and make your sales to a great level.

Best SEO Tools for 2020

We all are aware that there are millions of websites are available in the internet. To survive in this competitive world is very difficult. SEO have to be done for your websites to get top ranking in the google search pages. For this purpose, SEO optimization can be felt as a hard task if you are a beginner. So necessity of SEO monitoring tools increase day by day.

While you search for best free SEO Keyword Tool tools 2020, or best paid SEO Keyword Tool tools 2020 or best SEO tools for small business, etc. you will be provided with a long list of SEO monitoring tools available. By viewing this long list of SEO monitoring tools, you all will feel totally overwhelmed with this. But as a beginner, you will not understand which tool is best suited for you. In this article, I help you in getting the best 10 SEO monitoring tools available in 2020.

10 Best free SEO tools 2020

In this article, I am trying to help you in selecting the 10 best free SEO tools 2020 from the long SEO tools list.

The 10 best free SEO tools 2020 that we are going to describe here is given below:

  1. Google’s Webmaster Tool
  2. Ahrefs
  3. SEMRush
  4. CheckMyLinks
  5. Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider
  6. KW Finder : SEO Keyword Tool
  7. Moz’s Pro Tool
  8. Majestic SEO Marketing Tool
  9. BuzzStream
  10. Found’s SEO Audit Tool

1. Google’s Webmaster Tool

best seo tools 2018

Google’s Webmaster tool is an SEO tool which is free of cost and is used for Site analysis. This tool provides friendly approach and explains you about the fundamentals of Google search.
Url to the page you created is very important. You may be wondering on how Google sees it. This is what Google webmaster tool is going to show you.

When you pass the url, the SEO tool will provide some information about the page. From this information obtained, you can modify your page content for better search results. Another attracting feature of Google webmaster tool is Page speed insight. It helps to identify the page speed that means loading time of your website in both desktop and in mobile site. Google webmaster tool measures the performance at the rate of page loading speed in both desktop and mobile versions. This SEO tool shows the performance rate and it also provides the optimized images, files, etc to make the performance of your website both in desktop and mobile even more better.

Desktop and mobile versions should have high performance. Then only your website will be displayed in the top position in google search. Page speed insight will calculate the performance of your website according to the Google developer’s point of view. The performance range is also divided into three sections. They are Good, Medium and Low. If the performance of your website seems to above 80, then it is said to be Good. If the performance is between 60 and 79, then it is a Medium performance website and the score below 59 shows Low performance.

2. Ahrefs seo tools

best seo tools

Ahrefs is an analysis tools that is very simple to use. It is having an excellent user interface and index. Ahrefs SEO tool can be selected as your SEO monitoring tool since it is simple to use and excellent use interface. Ahref is having the second position among the google crawlers. So it is something which I personally recommend.

Ahrefs analyze your website and finds out which parts of your website need more attention in order to get better ranking results. Using Ahrefs, you can easily capture your competitor’s backlinks. This can be used as the beginning point of your business. Ahrefs support features like keyword research, competitors back link research, researching the content topics which is viral, SEO audit tool 2020, etc. It is actually a domain comparison tool.

We add our site along with the other four top competitors and thus it helps us sites which have back linked to our competitors and ours will be hidden. Thus we can find many links for our websites. Ahref is enriched with a large number of backlinks. Ahref can be considered as the one of the best SEO monitoring tools that has the largest database of backlinks.

3. SEMRush seo tools

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SEMRush is one of the most used SEO monitoring tool that helps you to improvise your keywords for your contents. Contents play a vital role in your website traffic. So pushing out the required keywords that make your website come to top ranks is essential. So SEMRush is one of the best SEO Monitoring tools that shows your competitor’s top keywords.

Creating the best keywords for your website contents is necessary. No need to get into tensions for creating the top ranking keywords. It is a very simple task actually. Just copy the url of the website to whom you are competing to. Then paste the url in the SEMRush tool. Now you will be able to see the keywords used by your competitor.

SEMRush is a cost free SEO monitoring tool that helps the SEO developers to raise their website rankings. This tool consists of toolkit that has plugins for finding out the entire ranking of your domain. Also there are plugins within the SEMRush tool kit, that helps you find out which keywords are in the top rank list, which all keywords are at lower positions, what all improvements have to be made to make it come top during the google search.

4. CheckMyLinks seo tools

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Check My Links is a Link optimization SEO Monitoring tool that helps you to ensure your links on your webpage actually works or not. Check My Links, as its name suggests, is actually a broken link checker. This tool helps you find out the broken links of your website. This tool helps you to find out the broken links of your website and helps you to create the required urls for the same page before making them publish.

You can easily check out the good links and bad links of your website at a glance. Check My Links actually does is that, you will have to copy the url of your website. Paste the copied url in the box provided. Then you will see all the urls available in your website. As a result, the urls indicated in green color shows that those urls are good ones and those marked in red indicates that they are bad urls or broken urls. Broken urls in the sense, it means that there might not be page existing, nothing found or any kind of errors regarding those urls.

5. Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider:

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Screaming Frog SEO tool is a technical that have been existing since a long time ago. Screaming Frog is one of the best paid seo tools that easily detects the technical issues that pulls your website back. This can be said as one of the most ancient SEO monitoring tool that is used even today. There is a FREE version of the website is also available. But for getting better results, you can opt for fully paid version.

The free version is named as Lite version. And it has some limitations than the paid ones. For the lite version or free version, you can scan for about 500 urls per website. But you will not be having complete access to the source code features or the configuration options. The Paid version is a better option that make your website display in the first page of the search results. The cost for the paid version of the website is $160.00 per year. The payment is on yearly basis. The main task of Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider tool is site analysis. This tool is the bestie of all the SEO developers.

Manually checking all the urls of your website are good or broken ones, it may take days to complete the task. Also there can be mistakes while doing this task manually. So Screaming Frog’s SEO spider tool helps you to detect the bad urls within seconds. It is very easy to use. You can also export the excel or csv files of the reports that you get for checking the urls in Screaming Frog SEO spider tool either for a specific dates or all your test results.

6. KW Finder seo tools

best seo tools for small business

KWFinder is a one of the top free seo tools that is used to find out the details related to keywords of your website contents. It is a very easy to use seo software that helps you bring up your web pages in the first page of search result. The only thing you have to do is type a keyword into the box provided. Then you can see the search volume of the keyword you provided, competition to the first page everything within seconds. The SEO developers prefer this tool to find out the best keywords and run the analysis reports on the back links. This tool consist of a toolkit that can help you to rank top for your websites. It consist of a tool that can help you provide with better keywords to rank you top.

7. Moz’s Pro seo tools:

best seo tools for small business

Moz Pro is also one of the top SEO monitoring tools that helps in building links and contains best quality tools for monitoring the links. It is better used for page optimization, broken link analysis, and keyword searches. Moz Pro is actually a paid tool. You can use it freely for a 30 days. After its usage, you will have to pay an extra money for it. Since it is a paid tool, they offer you the 30 days of free trial in order to make you understand the better usage of the same. Moz Pro SEO monitoring tool offers a payment of $99 per month. Various plans are available. You can select the better ones as per your finance and use the tool completely.

The main purpose of Moz Pro is Site analysis. It is a single tool that supports most of the SEO requirements for better search ranking. This tool also helps the SEO developers to get report of the keywords, rankings, and growth of your website in Google’s point of view. Once you started the website analysis, the tool will automatically send an email to its subscriber indicating the reports after google crawling, and list the urls in the email itself. If needed it also supports to export the report as csv file or excel sheets. This tool has the ability to analyze up to 3000 links per domain.

8. Majestic SEO Marketing Tool

best seo tools for small business 2018

Majestic is one of the top seo monitoring tool that many experts are using for increasing their website traffic. It has features more than enough for bringing the site in the front page. This tool is mostly used to see the website ranking of top websites. It has another feature called Site Explorer. This feature allows you to easily detect the general overview of your website and the total number of backlinks you have. It also analysis and finds out the best apt keyword required for your content to pull you up to the top position. Majestic is a better all in one seo monitoring tool that works as Site explorer, Keyword analyzer and so on.

9. Buzzstream seo tools

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Buzzstream is a tool that helps you do email outreach and link building tasks for you. It is a paid SEO monitoring tool that offers a 14 day free trial. There will be many limitations for the free trial customers and then they start their paid plans with approximately $24 per month. The main purpose of Buzzstream SEO monitoring tool is link building.

Buzzstream is an inexpensive tool that can manage the links of your website thoroughly. Buzzstream provides the list of ones who has accepted your link request and make you know the information about them. You will also know who all are most receptive of your backlinks via email messages about the ranking of your website in Google.

10. Found’s SEO Audit Tool

 small business best seo tools

Found’s SEO Audit Tool is one of the top most SEO monitoring tool, that does site analysis for the betterment of your website ranking in Google. The main attraction of Found’s SEO Audit tool is it is a cost free seo tool which can be used any number of times for even a beginner.

Found’s SEO Audit tool is very easy to handle and it resolves most of the SEO issues. It is most commonly used for identifying the common errors of your website which pulls you back from Google’s first page of search results.

Its working is, you have to copy and paste the url. Now you will get an SEO audit 2020 of your website. Its functionalities are mainly classified into 3:

Technical Issues: Found’s tool will audit and report the domain problems and xml sitemap issues.

Content Issues: Content issue is mainly focused on the keywords and meta-data that should be used in your web pages of your website.

External link analysis: It is mainly aimed on the quality of external links.

Found’s SEO Audit is easy to handle and you can also download the pdf of your analysis report once you started using this tool.


Thus we have reached at a conclusion that, making more traffic to your website can make you increase your profit and thereby grow up your business steadily. For better business growth, SEO monitoring tools have a great role. In this article we tried to help you in selecting the best one for your business.

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