The Different Techniques Use in Black Hat & White Hat SEO

black hat seo method


Black Hat SEO Techniques : search engine optimization is an important part of every business to get great amount of leads from online . To rank higher in search engine most people do all sort of illegal seo activities to gain the results in a shorter span of time. we will read about Black Hat SEO Techniques that you need to stay from these method otherwise it will soon affect your website


Black Hat SEO Techniques


What Is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat seo techniques focus on search engine and not so much a human audience or natural traffic.  black hat seo techniques is typically used by those people who need a sudden result or get a sudden ranking techniques in the search engines they are mainly focus these techniques in the websites such as money making websites rather than a long-term investment on their actual web site. some of the major techniques  used in black hat seo techniques include keyword stuffing, hidden texts , link farming, spammy links blog content spamming, and tier linking techniques . The after effect of black hat search engine optimization techniques can possibly result your web site banned from the search engines the , the search engine like google and bing will de-indexed as a penalization for using these type of black hat seo techniques

What Is White Hat SEO ?

white hat seo techniques the names already refer the point . the white hat search engine optimization techniques is used for creating proper content for the user they only focus on the proper and quality content for the visitor not for the search engines. Creating a quality content in the website is more important because it shows the search engines that your website contents are unique and appropriate to display in the first page of the search engines. white hat search engine optimization techniques is only follow the search engine optimization guidelines by using the proper white hat search engine optimization all the content indexed in the search engine are same as the content which are users looking for. white hat seo techniques focus on proper and quality content, they will be well focus and well written content with proper meanings these content will  helpful to the users they are looking for. These white hat techniques also focus on the crosslinking the internal websites pages where appropriate as well as building the proper inbound and outbounds links to the trusted websites by doing these they will attain a steady ranking in the search engines.


The some of the seo Techniques that are used in white hat include keyword ,  keyword analysis, rewriting proper meta tags , backlinking, link building as well as writing proper and quality content for human readers. by using these white hat search engine optimization techniques make a long-term investment on their websites as well as they will attain a good ranking in search engines

The Different Techniques use in Black Hat SEO 

  • Doorway Pages
  • Hidden Text or Links
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Reporting a Competitor
  • Sneaky Redirects
  • Cloaking
  • Link Schemes
  • Guest Posting Networks
  • Link Manipulation (including buying links)
  • Article Spinning
  • Link Farms, Link Wheels or Link Networks
  • Rich Snippet Markup Spam
  • Automated Queries to Google
  • Creating pages, subdomains, or domains with duplicate content
  • Pages with malicious behavior, such as phishing, viruses, trojans, and other malware


Black Hat SEO Techniques To Avoid


Unrelated keywords: While doing black hat search engine optimization techniques they try to adding keywords that have no connection with your post or content in your web site the search engine will red flag those pages because of how unnatural it looks.

Keyword Stuffing : One of the common techniques used in black hat search engine optimization techniques is Keyword Stuffing which refers to the practice of loading  a web pages with keywords numbers in an attempt to manipulate a site’s ranking in Google search results this includes packing long lists of keywords without proper formation.this will give a negative result in google search engines and they can harm your site ranking.

Doorway pages: Which is used to create a dummy pages that are overloaded with many keywords that makes the webpage easier for search engines to find. however when we try to click these pages in search engine they will automatically redirect to a seperate pages which has no proper content to your keywords

Cloaking: This is the other techniques used in black hat search engine optimization techniques they will deceptive  strategy involves the visitors and major search engines completely different from the content they are searching for. the techniques is used to search engines so they display a URL when it would not otherwise be displayed  cloaking violates by using the Google Guidelines, and you risk getting penalized by Google Penguin updates.

Invisible Text : Another common black hat seo technique is to hide the keywords in white text on a white background which , setting the font size to zero, some other people try to buy a link in a small character which are used to attain the search engine spiders.

Page Hijacking – Is the another black hat seo techniques used in black hat  where people creates a dummy and poor content which is served to crawler like the original content for the spiders, but guides website users to some nasty or fraud websites when they click the links

Duplicate Content or Mirror Site: This is most common technique used in black hat seo. the content is copied from the other websites with or without permission and post these content to there websites to increase the number of visitors. by using these methods , you might put your web site at high risk of getting penalized by Google Panda updates.

Over-Optimized Alt Description : Common method seen in black hat seo techniques people are trying to Optimized the image alt descriptions that are over optimized.a little easy way to trick the google by giving the image alt name as the keyword or a number of times. just the same way as keyword stuffing

Blog Spam or Comment Spam: By using different software they will create Automatically post links as comments comment or post related comment to blogs to increase the number of backlinks towards the websites

Page Swapping:  One of the tricky method used in black hat techniques first they make a website ranked set of keywords in the search engine and after it ranks try make the website content entirely different from the ranked pages . when the users entire in to your websites they see some things entirely different what they are looking for .This easy way of tricking Google in old days and they have worked well before the updates but now days they will banned and if you are lucky you will subject to lawsuit

Link Farms: By using the different types of software they provide few thousands of backlinks every day towards their websites  from the web sites with unrelated content or keywords or a very low quality websites content in an attempt to improve visibility in the SERPs.

HTML Heading Over-Optimizing :  Blackhat techniques to rank higher refers to the multiple using of the h1 tags on the pages widely spread tactic to influence on-site SEO methods. by using these overused black hat technique makes your site look stuffed the headings in unwanted locations. when you write the heading in the pages  I encourage you to write headlines always have only one H1, and H2, H3, etc. when the heading are necessary do not try to stuff the heading in the content

Content Automation :  Content Automation refers to the black hat seo method by using the content generating  article submission software  and publish in your website automatically without any hard work from your side. thus generated automated content do not have any influences on the visitors, and don’t have any style and grammar format, without any picture proper heading and etc . by using these method you will notice a sudden rank dropping in your websites and keyword stuffing and worst of all risk of getting blacklisted from the google search engine.’

Article Spinning: Blackhat techniques to rank higher its the art of creating a newly content by do escape from the duplicate content issues, by using some software you can generate a old content in to newly generated fresh content and submit in front the google search engines. it’s considered one of the  black hat seo method because you don’t bring any new information or any valuable information to the user . if you are doing the proper way and you find any new information about the topic are are writing just write the new piece of information and update it . it will always increase your ranking in search engines

Web Rings: These method is used as common when multiple website are connected between them in a circular ring like structure to get higher ranking and traffic in search result.

Guest Post Spam : They are so many number of people out there using these  technique to get backlinks to their websites. don’t be one of them they send a invoice message to the blogger to publish their irrelevant article in your blog to get the do follow links.those who are giving irrelevant article towards your blog for guest posting it will affect your ranking if the linked website has poor user experiences

Link Exchange: the name already say that the exchange of the links between 2 sites to rank in Google. it is a illegal method by using the link exchange method it will not rank your website in google search engine anymore. by using these method you will get penalized just as easily and you will lose your ranking

Buying Links: nowadays lot of people are trying to buy a huge amount of a backlink from the other websites. You will lose money and time for ranking in the search engines

Rich Snippet Markup Spam : Structured markup data can be a great way of publishing your website in the google search engine when somebody looks for a query of information they are looking for the Structured markup data will help to index your site with a good ranking . on the other side, if you are creating irrelevant Structured markup data it will risk your google ranking and sometimes penalized by Google


Private Blog Networks (PBN) :Private Blog Networks (PBN) it is the one of the most advanced method used in the black hat SEO collection of blogs created by a person to generate backlinks to a money making site and to help it rank higher in search engines. It is considered as a black hat strategy. Usually, PBNs blogs are create by using the expired or unused domains already have link juice and that can come in handy when you are trying to pass authority to another site that doesn’t have so much indexed in the google ranking. It is one of the powerful way of creating a massive number of backlinks from different domains to a site for rank higher in search result. you can create as much links from these PBN sites and you can change the content as your wish and it will ranker higher in search


This list covers the popular forms of black hat SEO methods these are few blackhat techniques to rank higher , Keep in mind that these techniques are  referred to black hat seo techniques for a reason. they will affect your ranking in search engines or the site can be banned or penalized with a lower rank.


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