Blog Commenting Sites List 2020 – 2021

Blog Commenting Sites

Blog Commenting Sites – Blog commenting strategy is one of the most effective marketing strategies to increase visibility and traffic to your blog. Blog commenting will drive you more traffic if you do this strategy more effectively. If it is instant approval blog commenting sites, it will definitely helpful. So here are some of the high page rank dofollow blog commenting sites list for you that makes your business grow.

What is Blog Commenting Site?

Blog commenting is the way of communication between website owners and bloggers. It’s a part of off-page SEO which is used by digital marketers and webmasters. Blog commenting is the best way to exchange thoughts and ideas for a particular topic shared on the website. This action is taken by the blog readers, visitors on the website and blog readers. They leave a comment on the website in the form of question or appreciation for the information shared by the website owner.

Through the blog commenting, it builds a relationship between the blogger and the website author. May it lead to getting rapid growth in your business. The links build in different blog commenting sites which help them to bring traffic to their sites and improve visibility in search engine results.

Benefits of Blog Commenting Site 2020

  • Blog Commenting is useful for both website owners and bloggers.

How blog commenting is useful for both website owners and bloggers? Yes, it will help to improve your search engine optimization. But it should be utilized properly. Otherwise, it will be useless.

  • Improve visibility to people who read your comments on the blog

If the blog has much traffic, your comment will be noticed by other viewers. So, when you go for blog commenting, make sure that the website has much traffic.

  • Commenting on the blog can help you to form a relationship and it leads to more business opportunities.

Commenting on blog leads to build a relationship because while leaving a reply or question on any of the blogs, somebody like you will reply to your comment. It is better to build mutually beneficial connections through this.

  • Blog commenting can bring more traffic to your blog. If you leave a proper comment, people will click your site and follow you.

If you comment on something worthwhile and relevant your comments will be noticed by the people. And wait for the right moment to add your comment.

  • The dofollow link helps to increase Alexa rankings for your website.

Generally, most of the bloggers choose dofollow links to generate more visitors and high page rank in Google. Always it’s better to choose dofollow links in your blog commenting site list.

Tips for Blog Commenting Site

  • Leave a comment only after reading the full article. Also, the comment should be relevant to the article on the website.

Your comment should always relate to the article. People usually just assume the content from the headline of the blog and just leave a comment. Before commenting study the blog post and go through some of the comments and hence you can assume how your comments look like. If you want to build your brand and authority, please do read the content and leave a reply. 

  • Better to select instant approval blog commenting sites lists for instant results.

Instant approval blog commenting sites are one of the easy and best methods to create high page rank backlinks. They are beneficial to both author and visitor. Most of the digital marketing blog commenting sites give instant approval.

  • Choose websites which have high authority. It will increase the ranking of your website too. 

Every blogger aims to drive traffic on their website. If you choose websites which have high authority and page rank, it will help you get ranked in Google search results. So try some instant link with high authority sites. 

  • Link to your Social Profile and Internal Pages

Usually, we are posting our home page links. But it is better to add your internal page links. It may help to increase the internal page rank. Also linking your social media profile may help you to grow your social network and find new followers. 

  • Choose blogs which are related to your niche

Do comment on blogs, where your targeted audience is there. Otherwise, it is useless and your comment has no value in the blog. Please do leave a relevant and related comment in the comment section of the bog.

  • Please don’t do spam.

Avoid simply dropping links in the comment section of a blog. This will be considered as spam. If you do such things, there is a chance to get blacklisted from the blog. Please note that any blog is not an advertising platform for your brand. 

  • The comment you have provided should be at least 50 words.

Do comment at least in three sentences, so the blog owner can understand that you read the article, though the readers can engage with your comment. Your followers are based on the comment that you leave on the website.

How to Choose Blog Post Related to Your Niche

Posting appropriate comments leads to drive traffic on your website. To find a blog related to your niche, just search on Google like this.

  • Niche-related Keyword + “add your comment”.
  • Niche-related Keyword + “submit your comment”.
  • Niche-related Keyword + “add comment”.
  • Niche-related Keyword + “submit comment”

Hence you get appropriate digital marketing blog commenting sites. Before leaving your reply please do follow the tips for good comment writing mentioned above.

Best Blog Commenting Sites 2020

So, here are some of the best blog commenting websites for you. Most of the websites are instant approval blog commenting sites list. Try to add some good comments for the appropriate questions and niche. We suggest you reveal the real details like name, email Id, logo of your website while signing up the blog for commenting. So it will be easier to get instant approval of your comment. Also, follow up all the blogs and wait for the right time to add your comment. Check the list and start commenting. There are other off-page SEO techniques that increase your website ranking like directory submission, article submission, social bookmarking.


Blog Comment Sites List


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