6 Digital Marketing Trends of 2018


Digital marketing trends spread widely in our society today. Here in this article we will introduce the most suitable digital marketing trends 2018 which will innovate your business. In this technical world, it is inevitable to make advertising marketing trends for the successful growth of our business organization. In this article we will introduce the latest top digital marketing trends of 2018 in India.

Digital marketing techniques  2018 includes various things like content marketing, social media marketing, PPC etc. In this current high tech era, there are many new b2b digital marketing trends have been evolved in this competitive world. The main goal of a business man is to make his organization on the top most of all businesses and should be the one which is most popular in the world.

We have to verify every year that on which digital marketing technique we are on top and which technique we are least successful. Work on that portion next year and it is always good to check into the best digital marketing trends to make sure we are not missing of the latest trends. Here we introduce the Top 6 digital marketing trends of 2018 that will help you in the success growth of your business organization.

What is Digital Marketing?

All of us are consuming online methods for obtaining all kinds of information. Also we do even shopping, collect data, everything we prefer online methods nowadays. So digital marketing is the best way to reach targeted customers within no time and to improve your business. Digital marketing is something that works in favor of not only for businessmen but for customers too. The main objective of digital marketing is promotion of marketing brands through various ways of digital media.
Every one of us think that digital marketing and internet marketing is same. But it is wrong. Digital marketing is more than internet marketing that includes sms, mms, social media marketing, display advertising, search engine marketing and all those kinds of best digital marketing techniques which can reach to maximum number of customers. The top digital marketing trends are explained below for further reference.

6 Best Digital Marketing Trends of 2018:

In marketing field, digital marketing is the most important one, which has changed the field a lot. Since people search for information through online platforms, digital marketing is the best way to reach out your business goals by creating more traffic towards your websites.
Nowadays many of the businesses adopt digital advertising techniques for boosting their existing marketing strategies. Lets us see what are the top 6 best digital marketing techniques of 2018 are.

Digital marketing trends 2018 includes:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Social Media Influencers
  3. Video on Demand
  4. Chatbots
  5. Big Data
  6. Personalization

1. Artificial Intelligence

digital marketing trends 2018

During previous years, the marketers were not willing to have artificial intelligence in digital marketing. But now artificial intelligence has become one of the most efficient digital marketing trends nowadays.

Artificial Intelligence is one of most successful approach in improving your business growth through digital marketing. Artificial Intelligence analyses the search patterns of your users. They also grasp or collect the data of your users and their blog posts from their social media and thus help you to identify the user’s view about your products.

Artificial intelligence can be interfaced with many digital marketing techniques since it can analyze the behavior and data of each and every user from their frequent searches and their social media blogs.

Since content is the main part of a website in case of its traffic, artificial intelligence can be used with content marketing. Each time a user searches for something in browsers, then those searches and their search results will be stored by the Artificial Intelligence. This is done for understanding the user behavior, user’s requirements and thus displaying the ones from your website to the user. Artificial Intelligence can support predictive marketing. Thus we can say that in all the aspects of marketing for your business, artificial intelligence is inevitable trends of digital marketing 2018.

2. Social Media Influencers:

digital marketing trends 2018

Influencers are another main part of business marketing. Influencers already have a large number of customers and so they become more valuable as they already have attention of the users you want to reach. Every one of us search for anything over internet and so influence of social media and its importance has a great role creating more traffic towards your website. Social media marketing influencers have importance since the users may be found in social media, blogs, social media, etc. Without the help of influencers, it will be very much time consuming and will be a lot of work to create your own customers. Using the social media influencers, it will be much easier to build customers for the website.

3. Video on Demand:

digital marketing trends

More than texts, always a video will be the most preferable data for all the people. Every one of us prefer video content rather than text content for better understanding of the data. Video on demand is the best marketing technique on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. More than reading and understanding data from the text content, more preference will be given to youtube, facebook videos since it will be easily understood by everyone. Also understands quickly without taking more time on reading. It is guaranteed that more than 75 % of the social media users use video content and video on demand marketing is promoted for digital marketing trends 2018.

4. Chatbots:

digital marketing trends

Chatbots are the ones which will be providing marketing support in real time and are designed to support customer service teams. Chatbots has not been developed in marketing industry much. Chatbots are used now for small ordering processes for many brands. But it will has a good scope and will definitely become wide spread in the near future.

Chatbots, as its name suggests is a kind of messaging format to chat in real time with your customers or visitors. It is a better approach that through chatting with your customers, you can know directly the response, behavior, and requirement of your client. It is very interesting technique and clean approach to understand the user and their mind towards your website.

Many people love to use chatbots, since for small shopping, when the customer faces any enquiries about your products, then they can easily use chatbots from your site itself. This is because chatbots are one of the better digital marketing trends of 2018 that never loses user patience and the communication with the client is done correctly and directly.

Chatbots replies to every questions of your customers and will not make them fed up with your site rather they attract your customers towards your website to stay long. Chatbots work without any human involvement and Uber is the best example for this b2b digital marketing trend.

5. Big Data:

digital marketing trends

Big data is one of the top digital marketing trends 2018 which helps you to store a large amount of data. More the number of data will be appreciated but if you understand how to analyze big data and collect details, then it will be easy for you to raise the growth of your business organization.

Big data offers less price investment for the business owners and helps them to promote their business on advertising the less interested people to spend some time on your website. Proximity marketing is one such example. In proximity marketing, big data tracks and collects the interests and behavior of your potential clients and provides advertisements for them indicating about the new arrivals and offers. Big data collects these details through mobile phones, and allows you to track the location of your clients.

6. Personalization:

best digital marketing trends 2018

Content personalization is one of the most common trends of digital marketing since from the beginning. Till now there is no decrease of importance in the digital marketing field. Now mostly people go behind online shopping and they have become madly crazed behind online marketing. So taking into account of this case, it is very good to provide offers for your brand according to the client’s requirements so that you can demand of your products can be increased further.

The offers should vary from time to time. It should not be similar always. Only if you are providing different interesting offers to your customers, you can make them spend more time in your website and make them purchase your products making them think that it is a golden opportunity. Content personalization has been proven for its effectiveness in digital marketing field. Personalization can definitely be considered as one of your techniques to shine more among the stars of businesses in the area of digital marketing.


For better business growth, marketing is necessary. Digital marketing is the best method for brand promotion of your business. In this article we have included the latest trends of top 6 digital marketing techniques for the better growth of your business. Artificial intelligence, social media influencers, video on demand, chatbots, big data, personalization, etc are the top 6 digital marketing trends of 2018. Marketers have to go behind the latest trends of digital marketing in this competitive marketing world. So it is necessary to get updated and make changes to your digital marketing techniques for better improvement of your marketing brands.

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