How to earn extra online money by testing websites on UserTesting

How to earn extra cash by testing websites on User Testing


Having an extra income source is a common practice among the Career world. No matter how big is your position or how much you earn from your primary job, everyone including me will obviously interested for a secondary source of income which is really simple in nature as well as easy to do from anywhere around your world. Now days, a lot of such Works are available in the field, mainly in the Information Technology. Day by day new and challenging such jobs are emerging due to the various inventions and discoveries happening in the knowledge world. As internet became a common routine to everybody these newly emerging opportunities are getting high importance as well as feedback and thus these became more popular around the Globe.


How to earn extra cash by testing websites on User Testing


If you just browse through any search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing your eyes will definitely roll over through a thousands of online work/ Online Jobs/ Work from Home ads which will make you think why should I have a backup job to make my pocket to full wallet? Really, these types of Jobs will definitely bring you good revenue to your financial stability. Do you want to know any such online opportunity? Let’s have a walkthrough with this blog that covers such an interesting as well as exiting online opportunity which will make you to choose the same as your secondary source of income. Definitely you are going to love this online opportunity.


Before introducing the interesting work, let’s have a quick introduction on the base of this work- that is the TESTING. As you all may be familiar to this Software Testing field, still there can be persons who will find it as new information to them. So let’s have a quick look at what is testing? It’s nothing but an assurance on what the intended creation will give. It can be a service/ a process or anything which will have an output to the end user.

I am not going to use any technical or IEEE related definitions here as we are not in such a context. Testing is really an integral part of any development as it needs to meet the quality and the expectations to its maximum extent. And now days the importance of Testing is very high for any business- not only in Software field, all fields in this challenging business world. Among various testing like White Box testing, Black Box testing, System testing, etc.

User experience otherwise known as User Acceptance testing has a phenomenal importance as this determines the rating or acceptance of the application under consideration. The better easiness of usage will make the application more preferable by the intended audience. Earn Cash by Testing Websites on UserTesting is such an online tool where you can test the application easiness and the same time you can earn Earn Cash by Testing Websites on UserTesting a good amount to your account. Is it sounds great? YES it is! UserTesting will help you to share your feedback of any application and they will worth your feedback.

Now let’s have a brief reading about how you can Earn Cash by Testing Websites on UserTesting.


What is UserTesting?

UserTesting is an efficient online testing tool or can be termed as web platform where user can test latest applications, services, apps, and games anything and can provide feedback over them. These feedbacks from around the globe will help the corresponding development teams to make the quality as well as usage easiness to that extent which will make their product an excellent among the line. So if you are looking for an online work which you think your free hours will be converted into a good sum, Earn Cash by Testing Websites on UserTesting. To become a UserTesting tester what you need is a PC with good speed network connection and a little passion towards experiencing new ideas. If you have better language skill, then you will definitely master it and can make a good amount from this well known web platform.


How Earn Cash by Testing Websites on UserTesting?

  • Copy paste the URL into your browser’s address bar and hit Enter button. This will launch the online testing platform- UserTesting.

How to earn extra cash by testing websites on User Testing


  • The website will give you an overall idea about its working and the story behind it etc.


  • Click on the Request Free Trial button to have an introductory visit to the UserTesting. Just fill out the form and it will send your request to the team and they will process it as soon as to reach with you.


  •  If you want to simply get into the role, click on the Testers link present in the primary menu bar of the website.


  • Then you will redirect to a page where you can enter your email address to proceed further.


  • On the Signing Up process you will get a mail to confirm your email address to complete the process. Click on the link in your inbox and you will be displayed with a screen to setup your recording environment.


  • Basically UserTesting is prompting the testers to do screen grabs of what they do with the application under testing with clear audio notes. Hence as the first step, you may follow the instructions to set up the Screen Recorder. It’s just a single step to download and install the plug-in. before that, make sure that you are owning a microphone of good quality and it has been connected with your PC while you downloading the plug-in.

How to earn extra cash by testing websites on User Testing


  • One the download completed it will open a screen to Launch Recorder to take your video test.


  • If you experiencing any issues with microphone, you will be available with other helping links to troubleshoot the microphone or screen recording issues. Once all set be ready to record your first test with User Testing.


  • Once your video test is passed, you have got the key as a tester to start your testing with UserTesting. Now onwards, you can log in to your account to do more testing and can earn a sum of $3-$10 per test.


  • All your testing details will be available in the dashboard which opened up when you successfully logged into the UserTesting site using your credentials. You can see your profiles, the tests you have completed so far and the related details of those tests along with your personal profile.


  • Check the account on a regular basis as the new tests can be added at any time from around the globe and daily checking will help you to get up to date with latest testing challenges.


  • Basically these tests will take a time duration of 15 to 20 minutes to give your feedback on the considering test application and based on the way your approach to the testing the time duration can be vary to some extent. Sometimes may be due to the complexity of what you are going to test may also drag the time period. But don’t worry you will paid for your work!

How will you get the Payment from UserTesting?

Each test you perform with UserTesting will pay you a sum within the limit $3-$10 and your payment will reach you within 7 days after submitting your work. The sum can be larger than the range $3-$10 if the testing need more time and effort from your side. After all in this competing world, everyone regardless of newcomers or existing vendors, new and challenging ideas and theme should be the core of their application as they need to ahead their competitors to gain a good rating for their development.

Hence the application or site you get from this site may need some more time and analytical skill power to resolve the complete user experience. UserTesting is paying their testers through PayPal, the finest money exchange gateway in the world. If you are new to this PayPal don’t worry! It is really simple and easy to open a PayPal account. Just needed is a valid email ID as well as your bank account details.

Just create an account in PayPal site and link your bank details with the account. Now all set with your payment gateway, feel relaxed. Use this email id with your UserTesting account to get the payment for your testing work. That’s all about the UserTesting Payment.

So hope that you all are now having a good intro about the UserTesting website where you can experience the testing of different websites, apps or even fun games from all over the locations.

This site will also help you to improve your testing and analytical skills to a large extent as you are going to handle a bulk of new ideas emerging from a set of brainstormed peoples. So this will definitely very interesting for anyone who like to do testing as a secondary source of income as well as a training to enter the vast Testing Industry.

Then why take time to think twice? Just take the challenge and Earn Cash by Testing Websites on UserTesting today! Have a happy UserTesting time guys!


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