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Need to earn money from home? No worries. You can  earn money in italki by teaching students from home through online mode. If you really love to learn language or love to teach language. But unfortunately, you couldn’t become a teacher on italki, then no need to worry. You can also become a teacher in italki and can earn handful of money italki for your work. This idea can be applied to your aged parents also. They may really have experiences about the life they lived and many language issues they have faced. They really can help our students to teach the languages they know.Italki creates a platform for the students and teachers to gather together for communication. How to earn money by Teaching Language on ITalki Money are the things which will be thought next. Let us see the importance of languages, how to become a teacher in italki, and how to register through this article.

 ITalki Money

Importance of Languages:

Language is the common medium for communication. If you don’t know to convey your ideas or thoughts with others, it will be very difficult for you to survive. Each language has its own importance. Suppose you may be grown up and posted in some other places which you they do not know your language. This situation forces you to learn that language. It is good to say that you know more than one language.

What is Italki?

Italki is an online educational website that teaches various languages in and around the world. Italki is a language learning website that connects people of various languages together no matter which nation or which language you are. It was founded in 2007 and its head-quaters is at China. Italki supports languages such as English, Spanish, French and more and more which you cannot imagine. Italki also pays for the teacher on italkir who have registered in the site who teaches any languages. The students can select their online tutor from which they need to get knowledge about particular language. The teacher on italki can select the languages which they can teach. You can earn money by working from home as a tutor in Italki. Italki is the best platform for teaching and learning languages. Italki is the best site that supports earn money in italki from home throughTeaching Language on ITalki Money. It has more than 1,000,000 learners and it contains 1000 teacher on italki and 2000 tutors for each language. Don’t you feel Italki as an awesome one? So in this blog we will find out how to earn money online by teaching various languages from home.

Why to choose Italki?

As a teacher on italki or tutor, you will definitely feel proud to teach hundreds and thousands of students by your own. More the hours you spent with your student online, money will be increased in your pocket. You can be a part of Italki for part time.

Italki is a platform which provides you opportunity to be in touch with lots and lots of highly potential students. It is the most popular platform for language learners and language tutors. Here exists an excellent community among the tutors and the students who are ready to help you to improve your language and to get better knowledge about the language at any time.

Flexibility in scheduling your own time for teaching is another attraction. Since millions of teachers and students are part of Italki globally, one or the other will be available every time.

Money can be earned by work from home facility provided by Italki. The teachers will be paid on an hourly basis from the money paid by the students and a 15% commission will be levied from the teachers who are getting paid.

Any Special Skills or Certifications needed?

There are some requirements essential for becoming a teacher on italki or community tutor in Italki. They are as follows:

Professional Teacher:  If you want to become a professional teacher in Italki, then you have to be certified as a professional teacher on italki in which you are going to teach or that language should be included as your second language under university. You must be graduate and should have a good teaching skill.

Here the teacher on italki have to provide their scanned documents of your certificates during your profile creation in Italki. Only after uploading of your relevant certificates, you will be able to continue as a professional teacher in Italki. If you have experience in teaching in schools, colleges, or at home gathering students for doing home tuition, it will be a plus point.

There are two awesome benefits for the ones who are eligible for working in Italki as a professional teacher. The first one is, there is no age limit to become a professional teacher on italki. And the second interesting and happiest highlight is that, you can select your own prices as you wish.

Community Tutor: If you do not have any experience in Teaching Language on ITalki as a professional, or not have certificates to show that you are a teacher, then you have a post called community tutor. Community tutor is an informal teacher on italki who have the skill of Teaching Language on ITalki Money to the students and earn money in italki. The highlights are your age should be at least 18 to become a tutor in Italki. Here also you can fix your own prices on an hourly basis.

Note: Always keep in mind that there are laws of supply and laws of demand. While setting your teaching rates, remember the above laws, that, how many students are willing to pay the teacher on italki if they ask for higher teaching rates.

Essential requirements to be a teacher or tutor in Italki

The things needed are:

  1. A computer, a laptop or a tablet
  2. A good internet connection
  3. Skype, Facetime or any other VoIP programs
  4. Headset
  5. Webcam
  6. Bank Account
  7. Paypal , Alipay or Skrill for withdrawing your earnings.

How to register as a teacher or tutor in Italki:

Step 1: Visit this website:

Step 2: Click on the “Become a teacher on Italki” button on the right hand corner section of the footer. See the image below.

 Get paid to help people learn a language

Step 3: Click on the button “Become a teacher on italki” at the top of the site. After free registration, click on the “Start Teaching” button.

 Get paid to help people learn a language

Step 4: Once you have gone through registering via Facebook, click on “I’m not looking for a teacher on italki” button.

 Get paid to help people learn a language

Step 5: Now click on the “Become a teacher on italki” button and you will directed to a dashboard. Here you will be having 2 choices. Either you can choose “Professional Teacher” or “Community Tutor”. Follow Step 5.1 if you are applying for a Professional teacher. Otherwise follow Step 6.

Step 5.1: For the case of “Professional teacher on italki”

You will need to scan and upload the documents required as proof of being a teacher on italki. If you are a professional teacher, you can earn money in italki more than a community tutor, but remember that the documents you uploaded are valid. You can also upload any certificates that you have obtained during your career. If you have little or no teaching experience then you should go for Community Tutor.

 Get paid to help people learn a language

Step 6: After selecting and updating the details about what kind of teacher on italki you want, click on the button indicated below to submit your application.

 Get paid to help people learn a language

Now you have completed your application and it is up to the Italki team to process on your application form. You will be getting an email notification about the status of your application.

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Tips on how to become a successful tutor in Italki and earn money

  1. Login to Italki every day and check for notifications.
  2. Prepare yourself for teaching the lessons.
  3. Always try to be active in Italki community. Do not lose your humor or any kind of characteristic that can attract more students towards you.
  4. Take all the critisisms seriously and try to improve on that
  5. Update your profile regularly.
  6. Reduce your initial ratings so that new students can attend your classes and thereby you can grasp more students towards you.
  7. Students are available on Italki at any time. But try to select your scheduling at odd hours. Odd hours is the timing when there is less competition and you can increase your earning potential.
  8. If you know more languages other than your native language, it would be very helpful for the students to understand your lessons.

If you want you find out other teaching sites where you can work from home and earn money in italki visit this page.

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