10 Freelance Websites That Pay in Bitcoin

10 Freelance Websites That Pay in Bitcoin

If you’re absolutely fresh to Freelancing and determining which freelance websites you should join for makeing money from home , here’s a thought: Join the Freelancing platforms that Pay in Bitcoin and make a new income from home .

With the new investment of billions of dollars by a huge number of businesses and individuals in the Bitcoin market , The market Bitcoin has secured a special place. With a unexpected boom in Bitcoin market value, the crypto currency world, primarily Bitcoin has also increased Freelancing job opportunities and alot ofpeople are getting paid in form of Bitcoin and other crypto currency .

That said, the most trustworthy and simplest way to earn Bitcoin is by securing a Freelancing job that pays in that form of crypto currency. You will be amazed as to how many Freelancing online platforms have set it as their Payment method as Bitcoin .

List of Bitcoin Freelance Platforms

Here’s a list of  the Top 10 Freelancing websites that use Bitcoin as their primary payment gateway:

10 Freelance Websites That Pay in Bitcoin


CryptoGrind is an online freelancers platform to Pay in Bitcoin through a multitude of tasks or online jobs. You can find a number of jobs ranging from content writing to software development programs. if you need to start earning, all you have to do is create your user profile, and then advertise your main skills and wait for employers who are looking for workers like you.

Cryptogrind offers its employers and freelancers a Multi-signature bitcoin currency escrow system for transactions. No need to get into technicalities. You should just know that this is a completely secure way of doing transactions online and get money in the form of Bitcoin .


Blocklancer is the other freelance platform that offers its users a hassle-free which you can join and become a member from any part of the world. Your identity will remain secret hence you don’t even need any identity proof such as a passport or bank account to start earning from this website. Only a Bitcoin wallet is needed to send money. You can find a wide range of jobs on their website. Just create your profile and start selling your services and skills. Blocklancer allows you to earn both in Bitcoin and Ethereum.


BitGigs is an online jobs board where you can find hundreds of freelance jobs are posted daily. Most of these jobs are freelance jobs , so you can apply from anywhere in the world. The freelance jobs are regularly related to professional writing, content writing and software development. So if you’ve got technical skills under your belt, you can earn tons of cash with this platform.

They also give you the option to sell your services to clients in a large scale. Creating a service is very simple and your contribution will be up and running in no time.


Earn.com is an online freelancing Short tasks platform. You can earn your Bitcoin by just replying to emails and completing any small tasks that you get via their online portal and get paid.

You can even earn your bitcoins currency by watching bitcoin tutorials on the website. Easily design your user profile on the website and fill out the registration forms on the website. Once the form is done, you become a regular member on the website. Depending on the recruiters and organizations, you start getting paid messages through which you earn your bitcoin by replying to them or by doing simple online task.


Through Bitfortip you can earn a bonus price in the form of Bitcoin for supporting out people and answering their questions. You can earn money by simply being helpful. For example, you help someone by answering their query that goes like: Where can I find this clothes? If they accept your response, you will get decent pay.

Bitfortip charges a little amount in bitcoin for posting a topic. Anyone can reply to the question. If the user approves the answer, he or she will give the bitcoin tip to that person


CryptoJobs is a blockchain-based online job platform. It allows users to post cand get the right employees through this platform. CryptoJobs allows you to take up jobs in various fields classifying from sales and marketing to development.

While any jobs require you to work in a particular country, most of the jobs posted there are remote freelancing jobs. Which implies you can apply and earn money in any country. A large quantity of jobs is posted every day so you should always look out for related opportunities.


If you’re familiar with Coinbase online job platform, you’d be shocked that you can earn crypto-currency on it. Coin base was begun as an initiative to let people discover about cryptocurrency and how it operates.

It still reaches firm on its ideas that whoever seeks knowledge about special cryptocurrency, they will earn a prize for it as well. Several new currencies offer free rewards if you build their original courses.

8. CoinBucks

CoinBucks allows the simplest way to Pay in Bitcoin through its program. All you have to do is follow promotional videos, engage in online reviews and install mobile apps on your phone. The specific task will pay you a tiny amount in Bitcoin.

Just keep going on those proposals and watch your purse fill up. The most beneficial thing is the fees are transferred on the corresponding day you achieve the tasks.


Cointelegraph is primary and leading known for releasing most advanced news articles about incidents occurring in the blockchain and cryptocurrency business. Of recent, the program has fallen into connecting their reader base with job openings.

Unlike other programs, you can be assured jobs posted on Cointelegraph are from trustworthy sources as they are correctly validated before they are published on the platform.

The job segment of the site is established on the subdomain, jobs.cointelegraph.com. The simple to use the program not only combines people to their desired/remote employment but also leads users/job seekers on most beneficial usages when seeking for jobs online.

Its one of the most secure platforms, well known, considered and attacked by employers who are looking for qualified people.


This is unarguably one of the numerous successful cryptocurrency business board programs on the internet now. The demand owes to the point that there are quite several numbers of employers on this program, who are constantly on the prospect for various degree of freelancers in no small measure. Such as Programmers, web designers, content writers and all are regularly in demand on the program.

Unlike XBT Freelancer, employers are proffering full features on how to utilize for these jobs as posted by job employers. Though this might be risky in some circumstances, people have also been fitted to match with reliable employers through this program as well.

Job poster/employer would usually designate the payment system, which is normally in cryptocurrencies, but sometimes, to be safe, employers would prefer to operate with people who are enrolled on other freelance programs like Fiverr and Upwork just to make sure they don’t fit with people who would manage some upfront fee for a job to be fulfilled and abscond.

Nevertheless, Coinality can be assumed to be one of the best communities where job seekers and employers meet, and most events, jobs posted on this program are on long-term goals.


Likewise, if you’re an expert freelancer working on other popular platforms, you should also work on these crypto-based programs to improve your chances of achieving more money. You never know how much that Bitcoin money might be worth after several years.

Running from residence needs that you have a good working internet connection, a personal workstation, permanent electricity and most especially, a cryptocurrency wallet as that’s needed to get cash online.



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