Get paid online by writing Technology articles for DigitalOcean

Get paid to write technology articles on DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is an American cloud infrastructure provider that offers server hosting and cloud hosting for its clients all over the world. Digital ocean is a US based company which was launched in 24th June 2011. Its headquarters is at New York. Later DigitalOcean has grown up suddenly within a short span of time. It is completely related to technological discussions related to platform for software developers and administrators.

DigitalOcean also offers writers to write about topics related to latest technological trends. The writers will also get paid for the article that have been written for DigitalOcean. Do you have writing skills? Do you want to earn money online from home writing articles? Now what are you looking for? Immediately join DigitalOcean. Submit your writings with the site. You will be paid for what you have written.

DigitalOcean mainly focuses on latest software technologies. Before joining DigitalOcean, make sure that you are familiar with the latest technological software trends. The articles are used as a tutorial for the common people who wants to learn about the technical aspects of latest technology. Eventhough it is a your article is a blog or tutorial, you can add your own experiences in your article and submit it with DigitalOcean.

To be a part of DigitalOcean, you will have to install some free softwares and it should be configured with Open source Os distributions which include Ubuntu, Fedora, etc. You should write your article in such a way that, your article or tutorial should be beneficial and understandable for the developers and administrators in order to fulfil specific requirements.

How to join DigitalOcean:

In order to earn more money from home other than your income , you can do so by following the below indicated steps :

Step 1: Click here to join DigitalOcean.

Step 2: You can select your own topic for submitting your sample content. The article you are going to write should be of topic related to software technical trends. You can freely submit your content as you wish about the latest technical trends for developers and administrators.

Step 3: The sample article that you have submitted will be checked by a member of DigitalOcean.

Step 4: Make sure the article should be informative and it should not be copied from any where.

Step 5: If your article is good, you will be selected to the DigitalOcean community and you can start writing your articles for them.

Guidelines on how to write technology articles on DigitalOcean:

Get paid to write technology articles on DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean as we have discussed above is a website that supports writers to write articles about the latest technology based on software and server administration. We will provide you the guidelines on how to write technology articles, their basic rules and so on below:

An article which is a tutorial or an informative article should have a consistent pattern throughout. This guidelines may help you in earning more money from the Digital Ocean website for writing articles and also to become a professional Elite writer in DigitalOcean.

Basically an article, specially technological article should focus not only on the information but also there are some other areas that you should focus on while writing technological articles. They are :

  • Presentation style
  • Structure of the article
  • Formating and Terminology

1. Presentation style:

Presentation style is an important part of article writing. An author should be good enough to make even the starters understand what you are trying to convey. Each and every term you are using in the article should be specific and should be given proper definitions and explanations for each of them.
You should assume on the readers knowledge that every word you are focusing in your article should be crisp and clear.

The goal of every author in DigitalOcean should be make others understand what you are writing. It should not just copy and paste from somewhere else. Your reader should become a fan of yours that you should be a good teacher to them. It doesn’t mean that you are an extra ordinary in the topic that you are writing. But what ever you know, it must be clear for yourself. The content should be correct and it should not be a pasted content from other places.
Every command you provide should be a detailed explanations, which should include options and flags are needed.

After reading your article, the reader should have the confidence to go forward with your tutorial to make the required changes and they must feel to trust with your article.
The writer must be thorough with the topic they are writing and you should completely cover up all the subtopics behind it. If needed you can prerequisite to other articles of yours for further more information. Always keep a friendly approach with the reader. It will be visible in your article throughout. But should be formal.

2. Structure of the Article:

The article you write for latest technological solutions should comprise of the following structure. It should include title, introduction, goals, prerequisites, steps to solve the problem and conclusion. Always keep this pattern for writing articles so that you can improve more and you will be able to understand what you should write.

The one which attracts the visitors first, is your title. The title of the article has an important role in grasping the required ones to your article. Only if your articles get attracted, you will be getting more and more opportunity to improve your income. Always use a relevant title for your article.

Next section is Introduction. Every book or article we read will definitely contain Introduction part. The introduction comprises of short description about the topic and the article. Usually it will be lengthier to 2-3 paragraphs.

Make sure that, from your article’s introduction part, your reader should understand the goal of your article, a brief description on what they obtains after reading your article completely, etc. If you are suggesting to use some software for resolving the issues, then make them understand the benefits of using that software for better resolution, and overall it should be genuine and make your readers understand what they can expect from your article.

Provide step by step procedures on how to solve the issue will pave them to fulfil their requirements. So try to make others understand on what you are conveying through steps. Each step should not be more lengthy. It should be short and simple and easy to understand.

3. Formating and Terminology:

After writing your article, you should format your article in such a way that it should be looking good and should have a standard look and feel. All the titles should have a specific format. The main title should be inscribed in h1. Introduction, goals, steps and prerequisites should be in h3. Conclusion title should be written in h2 tag. Use italic letters for specifying new technical terms. Its definition should also be inscribed at the bottom of each page as a Note.

How does DigitalOcean Pay?

DigitalOcean pays you through Paypal. Get ready with your Paypal account once you are approved as a member of DigitalOcean. It provides it article writers a good amount of money based on full length writers, short tutorials and articles. They usually pay $200 for full length writers, $100 for short length tutorials and same for articles.

The community member will decide which kind of article should be written after selection. It might be short length articles, tutorials or it might be full length writers. The actual amount of word length will be specified by the DigitalOcean community members only after you are selected for writing articles in DigitalOcean.

Payment can be done either through Paypal or through their services. The choice is yours. If you need only their hosting features, then you can convert this amount which you have written to the hosting charge. Otherwise you can redeem the amount through Paypal accounts.


We all have seen many kind of article writing websites for part time and full time. But Digital Ocean is a website that allows the techies to write about their experiences or informative articles based on the development technology trends available today. Usually this opportunity for the developers are very rare and DigitalOcean provides the best opportunity to get to know about the technical developments. Digital Ocean is a trustworthy website that pays you for the articles you wrote for them. I personally like this website because they offer a decent amount for the writers and surely it will be a helpful hand for the ones who struggles for meeting the two ends of life.

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