How To Create Structured Data For Google And Boost Your Seo Local Business


How to Boost your SEO with Schema Markup? These are the few questions arise now days . Besides the old method in seo Local Business there are lot of modern ways to improve your SEO and schemas for Local Business. Markup to boost your ranking(structured data, rich snippets or micro data) are most used method. I will show you what are schemas, why they are important for seo ranking and how to use them in your website Local Business.

What is schema markup?

Structured data markup or schema which is used to describe your website content to major search engine which they can understand easily. When the search engines like google and bings crawl the web page content, there main goal is to find what is all about and what the content is detailed in the website. The google crawler cannot view the website like human beings. They use spiders to crawl the websites. By using the html of the page trying to figure out different things like the title of a page, images(s), main content, date of the post when published, and who is the author of the post and few other elements they find useful during the indexing process.


In order to make the crawler job easier and so faster, the top most search engines have agreed to a set of common standard rules, which is also known as schemas.  The schemas cover many type of content which include articles , videos , images etc but also different types of entities like organizations, local businesses, people and many more.

Why is structured data important for SEO?

We need to remember that all the Structured data is really not the part of google search engine ranking algorithm, it is still the important factor for seo for better ranking.

It is one of the basic standard rules for seo ranking factor. It becomes powerful and will go into the ranking algorithm in the near future. Before doing the website you need to take the advantage in the future by adding the  Schema Markup.

The second Schema Markup enhances your website’s presence in the google search engines with the name of rich snippets. This means that if your website has more powerful content than the other websites, this will lead you to better CTR and you can gain more ranking.

Third advantage is, it is one of the major advantages of using Schema Markup. It is used to go get into the google knowledge graph and take advantage of the many benefits. Google knowledge graph which is otherwise known as the information box that appears on the right hand side of the google search results when you search anything like brand or any other famous peoples.

How to Boost your SEO with Schema Markup

Fourth which is used for the local seo ranking by using the structured date which will give more information to google search engines about your local business which will include the location of  your business and contact details. Use these structured date so that you can increase your local search ranking and business through these schema markup.

Fifth is that, the structured data which is used for running a successful online shopping campaigns like amazon etc. If you are planning to run a campaign for shopping, it is important to set up and microdata your product landing pages. So by using these shemma google can easily identify the product your are listed for the campaign. Without the microdata or schema markup you can run a successful campaigns.

Sixth, which is used in the most advanced method like accelerated mobile pages which are heavily in structured data for some of the most advanced features.

Seven, this structured data is used to get an entry from the google answers from the people websites which is listed below:

How to use structured data in your website

Now that your will be getting a note about how important is structured data for the seo ranking. Let us see few more examples for structured data for different types of websites and page implementation. You need to know which structured data is used to run different pages for seo ranking.

Blog: if you  are using a blog website you can use the website schema by giving the google some information such as website logo, name, etc and also same like the article schema for article and blog posts in your website.

Local business which is used for the local local business these schema  local business schema make you to get better ranking in search engine

Ecommerce: if you are using an ecommerce website you can set up  products schema which includes structured data include the details about the products images and description etc.

The main thing you need know is that, you should use more than one schema in your website as long as the implementation is correct. Otherwise do not try for it will affect negatively.

Types Of Rich Snippet & Schema:

One of the greatest things about the Rich Snippet & Schema: we have a lot of micro data available. Now we can choose from and can use as per page and page posts.


Video Schema

Microdata which are used for the video types

Product & Availability  Schema

Microdata which are used for the video types

Review  Schema

Microdata which are used for the reviews and rating styles

Events  Schema

Microdata which are used for the events and programmes types

Price  Schema

Microdata which are used for the prices types

How does structured data looks like?

As I told above, the structured data is a group or set of tags which are added in the html codes. They are not visible to the end user only visible by the search engines crawler or spiders.

Structured data which is in the form of the microdata of json-id. If these are to complex words for you I will show a simple eg connecting with these structured data. There are so many easy ways to add these structured data in your website without knowing the technical details. For those who want to know more structured data, this is how structured data looks when you view the HTML of a page:

How to implement structured data in WordPress

There are mainly two ways to add the structured data in the wordpress websites. The one is manual and other one is using the wordpress plugin. The first one is the manual way ie. you need to edit the themes files and add the html code manually. The second one you can install a plugin or a combination of plugin.


The manual is not recommended by me since it need to edit the html code manually if something goes wrong the either site will destroy. To make the manual process a bit easier google just introduced a new tool called  Structured Data Markup Helper. With these simple tool you can visually tag your pages and generate the required HTML structured data code but still there is a small problem you need to edit the theme for this. To get a details idea how these structured data work on your website go to here, select the type of  schema then you just enter the url from your website and click Start Tagging.

These schema tool will load your web page in the left pane and in the right side the panel you can select the tag for selected schema types. You just need to hight the area which you need to assign in the tag field, when you think you are done with the structured data you can now download the the generated HTML. Before adding them to the website you can check with the some structured data testing tool the validity of your code that you generated.

Adding structured data using plugins

This is the simple method to add the Structured data to your website by useing the plugin in the wordpress. There are number of plugin available to add Structured data in the major cases you need to assign the schema data information in the home page of the website and to your article pages or your product pages.

You can either use the  Yoast SEO plugin has built support for your websites website, ‘organization’ and ‘person’ schemas so if you already use it. You can just activate these Structured data features by going to the general setting under seo.

How to Boost your SEO with Schema Markup

When you are done with the Structured data and click save button. The plugin will automatically json-ld markup script on your homepage. You can check now check the structured data testing tool and check carefully they are done correctly. There are few other options left you can click the social and add the url to your soc social media pages. The plugin will automatically generate the social media tags.

If you are planning to run a blog you also need to add the ‘articles’ or ‘blogposting’  schema to your website. if not then you can use the rich snippets plugin.

You can also use these rich snippets plugin to add the structured data markup for the product and other details in your websites. If you are using the woocommerce. You do not need to add anything for the products it will automatically generate the structured data.

Does Schema Improve Your Search Rankings?

Till now there is no solid evidence that the microdata has a direct impact on organic search rankings and traffic. The other thing by using the rich snippets your web pages will appear more prominently in SERPs. According to the new study only a few websites are using the rich snippet with markup. these open the huge opportunity for the rest.


Structured data is important for SEO for better ranking it is the one important thing you need to consider soon or later if you want to get high rank wit the modern SEO practices. The final step is to check whether your website is using markup data. You can use the google structured data testing tools for testing your homepage and other pages. If you find any error in generating the structured data you need to hire a developer to fix it.

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