How To Earn Money By Listening To Music On MusicXray

How to earn money by listening to music on MusicXray Every one of us love to hear music. May be we don’t like certain kinds of music. But in general we can say that we all are fond of music. What if you get paid when you hear music??? Don’t you feel awesome to hear that you can Earn Money on by hearing music at home. I’ll tell how to get paid by hearing music at home. is the website that helps you to get paid during your leisure time by making you hear music at home. You can Earn Money on  additional money by hearing music simply at home without getting tensed about finishing the work on wright time. Many websites are available nowadays who offers you to get paid by doing additional tasks according to your skills or experience at home to get additional money.

Those websites will pay you for your work which you have successfully completed. And no money will be paid if you couldn’t complete it on the wright time. is something different. Musicxray is an online platform for music listeners and singers who love to hear different kinds of music and make you Earn Money on MusicXray from the time you spent on it. Hearing music is something that makes us feel relieved during we get more pressure in mind. So while listening to many other kinds of music creates not only freshness to our minds, but also make you get paid from this website.

Musicxray is a kind of talent hunt website that connects artists and music listeners. Musicxray is a New York based music tech company. Online operations has been started by them in 2009. You are guaranteed that you will be left in a musical world when you start being a part of Musicxray. Daily a large number of new songs are uploaded every day in Musicxray.

You can enjoy the freshness of each music by forgetting about all the tensions in your life. Since Musicxray gives you money for listening their music, you may think that you should hear all the categories of songs even if you like or don’t like, to get paid. But the truth is that, it is no. Musicxray matters about your likes and dislikes. If you are logged in through Facebook, Musicxray will search for your music preferences and will provide you with more number of songs with those categories you like.

Also there are options to which you can select the various categories of songs you prefer to hear. Musicxray will list a large number of latest music of those category which you opted to hear. You cannot build a career in this for earning money online. But you can Earn Money on MusicXray by simply sitting at home listening to music through Musicxray.

How Musicxray works?

Musicxray is actually a website that was launched to promote artists who wanted to be recognized among the public all over the world. These artists can upload their various kinds of songs through Musicxray and make others feel about your music. Musicxray helps the artists to create a wide range of fans for their music. Musicxray was built for a fan base by submitting their songs through this portal and is used to make fans and followers to their page. The followers or music listeners can also sign up to the account as fans of those artists to listen to their preferred songs of them.

Musicxray then pays the music listeners who have spent their time listening to the music for the promotion of those artists all around the world. The music may not last for long. Most of the music will not exceed 30 seconds. If the music exceeds for more than 30 seconds, then the listener will get paid for each of the 30 seconds spent on listening that particular music. Since we are concentrating on how to earn money by listening to music on MusicXray, we will be discussing only about the listener side. So as you are a listener, you will be probably signing up as a “fan”.

How To Make Money On Musicxray?

Step 1: Click on this link to create a new account in Musicxray. Here there are many options that you can sign up easily. You can either manually fill up the details such as username, email id and password. Or you can sign up through “Soundcloud” or through Facebook, Google +, or Yahoo. If you are signing up through Facebook, the Musicxray will automatically recognize your mail id and profile details.

How to earn money MusicXray

Step 2: Now you will be able to see three types of account that you can have with Musicxray. You can be a part of Musicxray as a Music fan, or Artist / Song Owner or you can be an Industry Professional. Since we are music listeners and since we aim in this article on how to earn money by listening to music on MusicXray, we can choose “Music fans”. The account you will have to create is a fan account.

How to earn money MusicXray

Step 3: You can either connect your Musicxray account either to Facebook or to Gmail account. Syncing Musicxray account to any of the social media or gmail is something important, that your fan account will run properly.

This is done so, because, while syncing your Musicxray account with facebook, they will be able to find out your tastes on music. They will track them and provide you with more songs that you really prefer. This can help you inmusic xray earn money more money during your free time simply sitting without any difficulty.

music xray earn money

Step 4: After syncing your account with Facebook, you will be directed to a page which is shown below.

In this page you will be provided with some fields for filling up your date of birth, gender, country, state and city. These details are given so since the musicians of which music we are going t prefer could understand the person in which place listens so. They may understand from these details as majority of the people under which age loves their music? Either man or woman who the most love their songs? Which area do they have more fans? these are the questions that will be deflecting in the artist’s mind.

After filling up all these details, you will have to select any 5 genres of music which you like to listen. Also you can select particular bands to which you like to hear music that help you to make money at home. The song list will be displayed according to the genre you have selected.

How to earn money MusicXray

Step 5: Once you complete selecting your music likes, then move on to your favorite artists and then click on the Save button. You have a maximum limit to select your favorite artists. But once you hit a liked one and then you need to change your music artist then it is possible. Musicxray will list only the music artists you have selected and the genre you selected.

How to earn money MusicXray

Step 6: Simple. You have successfully completed your registration in Musicxray. Now start Earn Money on MusicXray freely by listening music from home. Now check your “fan match inbox” to check out whether any new music lists are available for you. If yes, start listening your music and make money online. For the first time, you will be paid by Musicxray, only if you have earned a $20. This condition is just for the new listeners of Musicxray.

If there is no new music is listed in your inbox, then you will have to wait for one to get uploaded or else you can change your genre or music artist. if you are not willing to change your preferences, then wait for one to get uploaded. Once any new music of your preference is uploaded, then you will be able to see them in your inbox listings. also you will be alerted by an email notification.

Step 7: I have already explained above on how musicxray works. You have to listen to the music listed in your inbox for at least 30 seconds. Once the song is completed, you will be credited with 10 cents per song. That means for a song you will be paid $0.1. Only after attaining $20, you will actually be paid in your Paypal account.

Step 8 : After you have listened to one song, there you can see a dialog box back-grounded with green color, asking you about your opinion about the music you heard just now in Musicxray. They ask you whether you need to become a fan or not a fan. Check the box which you feel and skip to listen to the next song in the list.

How to earn money MusicXray

How Musicxray Pay?

Musicxray pays their customers through Paypal only. Each song you hear will credit you $0.1 or 10 cents in Musicxray account. So your payment amount will be credited to your Paypal account, once you reach a threshold of $20. The music listeners who get this payment have the option of cashing out the amount multiple times.

Earn Money on MusicXray


Musicxray is a kind of talent hunt website which has been registered with BBB for all the music lovers all over the world. They make you get paid at home in your free time when you listen to their music. From my own experience, you may not expect much if you hear only a single song for just 30 seconds. Per song, you will be paid only 10 cents. But you can make them return your money in a decent amount after a long time while continuously listening their music. So you cannot expect Musicxray only as your way to Earn Money on MusicXray an additional income regularly. But don’t spoil this opportunity to Earn Money on MusicXray simply sitting. Because these are the ones which make you relaxed by sitting simply and make you Earn Money on MusicXray for it.

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