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Earn Money on iWriter at home by writing articles on iWriter is the topic we are going to discuss through this article. Article or Blog writing is one of the most easiest way to make an extra penny of money to increase your income. There are many such websites who support the article writers and make them Earn Money on iWriter for writing articles for them. We will discuss about how to Earn Money on iWriter.

Article writing will be easier for the ones who have better communication skills. Article writing can be considered as one of the best way to make money online at home no matter what your age is. Even your mother, father, grandpa, anyone can be a part of iWriter if they are having a very good writing skill. Article writing in iWriter make you feel much satisfied with your work both financially and mentally. IWriter gives you opportunity to reveal your skills before the public through article writing.

So with this article, we invite you to be a part of iWriter and begin your writing journey with this site. I personally love this article writing works since we could improve our language skills and we also get aware about many topics through different researches we make in our writing journey.

Earn Money on iWriter Writing articles is a very good experience. Through writing, you will search for topics and search for more knowledge about this. You cannot copy and paste any knowledge from any sites you have seen while your research. Article writing is something that should come from within you. You can of course refer from other sites. Try to convey your own ideas or what you understood from various researches you have made. This is what is called Article writing. Iwriter is a website that supports these people who are willing to spend sometime for article writing with them. By writing more and more articles, you can improve your language skill, get more experience on how to write articles on which people get attracted to your content and also get a financial support to Earn Money on iWriter for your various needs.

If you have a good or avarage language writing skills, then do not move back from the article writing journey. It can make you face any challenges in your writing life and also make you experience more in writing.

Iwriter is an online platform where you can buy and sell various articles. Some of the iWriter customers will be buyers of articles for their personal use. While some others will be article sellers who write articles for the buyers. Article writers will get a particluar amount for their article from the article buyers. IWriter is an online article handling website which is a Bryxen Software Inc. based company and was launched in 2011. With this small amount of time, iWriter has become popular among the public of various parts of the world.

Both article buyers and article sellers have their own accounts in iWriter. Both buyers and sellers will have a different dashboards. Here, in this article, we are focusing on article sellers. So we will be concentrating more on Article sellers.

Since in iWriter, you are going to write for someone else. The buyers will indicate the topic you want to write for them. It is the most best way to make your blog or article unique from others. As I said before, you can refer or research for the topic on any sites. But make sure your article is not a copy of any other articles present in any other sites.

So, if you are willing to write blogs for others, and want to earn money from home, then iWriter is the best website for you to make you Earn Money on iWriter hundreds of dollars for the articles you have written for them.

What is iWriter?

iWriter is a reputed online article that makes you Earn Money on iWriter according to the number of words you are writing. Every year, iWriter makes changes both in payment and its functionalities. Now it has changed a lot and has brought a worth meaning on earning money on the article that the writers are writing. “Writing to make money” is the moto of website. iWriter also offer writers by helping hundreds and thousands of people to work from home either part time basis or full time basis to make money online.

IWriter is an awesome website that makes writers to work from home and Earn Money on iWriter through writing articles. IWriter website is launched in 2011. But even then, they have a very good name among the public and it is a trustworthy website. It has more than 50000 article writers already.

Many of the freelance article writers struggles a lot to get a stand in iwriter. In iWriter, the article writer’s payment will be according to their rank in the article writer’s list. As an article or blog writer, only thing you have to do is register your account as a writer in iWriter and select the works according to your ranks. according to the quality of works, you can Earn Money on iWriter $300 something per week.

Always remember that spending more time on article will never make you down. By getting more and more experience in writing articles you will be able to gradually reduce time spent on writing. It is not the case how much time you spent on articles. But creating best article which attracts others, make others understand easily what you are conveying and it helps you to get better ranking in the best article writer list of iWriter. But if your article is being rejected by some buyers, then you will have to step backward from the best article writers list of website.

iWriter family includes 50000+ article writers and 30000+ article buyers. iWriter provides a platform between writers and article buyers. The buyers can order for articles according to their requirements and the writers will get paid for their articles. The working of iWriter article submission website is explained below in detail.


There are two types of dashboards for iWriter. One dashboard is for Article writer and other one is for Article buyer or clients. Registration part is very simple in both cases. But dashboard will be a different one according to the portals you choose. Since our topic is how to earn money online by writing articles on iWriter, we will be discussing more only about the Writer side and not on client side. The working of iWriter site is as follows.

The clients will order articles with specifications like article title, number of words they are preferring, and how much amount they are willing to pay for each article. The client will have to pay a minimum of $3 for ordering the article to iWriter. The payment will be given to us only after successfully completing the article.

All the article writers are rated by the clients. So it is important to get a good review from the client to get better ranking and better writer type position. Only if you are raised to more writer type positions like Elite writer etc. you will get more and more money than as a Standard writer.

Since you are a fresher, you should select only the ones which are not highlighted the writer types.
There are 3 types of article writer types available in iWriter. They are:

  • Standard Writer
  • Premium Writer
  • Elite Writer

The description and earnings of each kind of article writer can Earn Money on iWriter is described below:

1. Standard Writer

earn money online by writing articles on iWriter.

The new writers are indicated as Standard Writers. Standard writer is something like a training level. Basic level of writing article is standard writer level. The writers will be paid only less than other level of writers. These kind of writers are not indicated in the writer types.

2. Premium Writer

Premium writer is little more higher level writers than Standard writers. They can earn money double the amount than Standard writers. It is not very much hard to become a premium level writer. By writing more articles for clients and by getting good reviews, your ranking will be increased, and gradually you will be converted to Premium level Article writer.

3. Elite Writer

earn money online by writing articles on iWriter.

Elite Writers are top level writers. They earn money more than Premium and Standard level of article writers. Most of the clients will prefer Elite writers because they have proved of their content quality and efficiency and this is why they have reached at Elite writer level.


Registering with iWriter is a simple task. The steps on how to register with iWriter is as follows:

Step 1: Click on this link to register as a writer as a writer in Iwriter. You will see a page as shown below. Signing up a new account will require details such as your first name, last name, email id, and password.

earn money online by writing articles on iWriter.

Step 2: After signing up, go to the home page and click on the Login button.

earn money online by writing articles on iWriter.

Step 3: After logging into your account, you will be directed to the Dashboard of writers area. Here you will see many options like ranking, inbox and balance available in your iWriter account. Every new member will start as a Standard writer. It is according to your content quality and better reviews, you will be converted to Premium and Elite writers gradually. For each order you get, and based on the review, you may get better ranks in the writers list. In order to start you r content writing, there is an option called “Write Content” in the dashboard.

earn money online by writing articles on iWriter.

Step 4: Now, you will redirected to a page where you can find the projects you are interested in writing.

earn money online by writing articles on iWriter.

Under “Find Projects” you will see options for selecting the language for writing, word counts and category of the topics you would like to write. There will be many topics listed below, according to the category you choose. You can start writing from the list. The image below will be make you clear about what I am trying to explain. Under the “Project Title”, you can see the list of article topics with category, date posted by the client and approval date. You should not exceed the Approval date of client from the project topic you are selecting for article writing.

Approval rate will specify how many articles are approved by the client and how many are rejected. For your sake, check for the approval rate. If the approval rate is low, then decide that you should not work with this client. Since you are a newcomer and if you are working with such a client, you cannot increase your article writer rank.

Under “Project Info” tab, you can check for information of the article. In the article info, you have to first search for what kind of “Writer Type” is indicated there. Standard, Premium, Elite and Elite Plus are the various kinds of writer types available in iWriter. As a beginner, you have to select the topics which are not indicated for premium and elite writers. Those highlighted Premium and Elite are higher rated writers and you cannot submit articles for them.

Step 5: “Project Info” will give you information about word count, earnings money  on iWriter for each article and time to complete the task. Try maximum to complete the task within the time they have mentioned. After you select an article you are interested to, then click on the icon which is indicated on the left hand side of the Project name. You will get more information about the article topic to which you have selected by clicking on the icon behind it. After that you can click on “Write Article” button, and start writing your blog about that topic.

earn money online by writing articles on iWriter.

Step 6: After clicking on the “Write Article” button for start writing the article, you will be redirected to a page where you have to answer some quizzes on grammar. After passing the quiz, you will directed to a page where you have to mention your Country, Phone number etc. After that you will receive an OTP like 4 digit code to verify your account. You have to indicate the code you obtained within 5 minutes. After successful verification, you will get a message like “You verification is completed and now you can click on Write Articles and get started!!”

earn money online by writing articles on iWriter.


The process of writing article journey is not stopped when you have finished signing up and logging into the site. Now we will discuss about some points that a new writer of iWriter should keep in mind before beginning the journey of articles.

  1. You should be 100% sure about your skills in writing because bad quality content will make you earn very bad reviews from the client. And one more thing to remember is that, clients are the one who should provide good reviews and more works for payment. So it is your responsibility to give maximum of your effort to submit the best article of yours. Each bad review of clients can make your account being blocked. So be sure and confident in your article writing skills
  2. You should not copy and paste any article content from anywhere since plagiarised content will provide you warning f copyscape contents. So try to provide your own fresh and unique blogs for your clients and Earn Money on iWriter better reviews.
  3. You can cancel your article with client any time even after you have selected one article for a client to write.


The payment of iWriter is through Paypal. You should have a Paypal account for getting payments from iWriter. There is an option for selecting the number of times the payment should be done. For example, you can select payment any number of times a week. But only thing is that you should have atleast $20 to get payment from iWriter. If you have not earned $20 from iWriter, then you will have to wait for payment until you earn $20. You can change your settings of payment any time as you wish.


iWriter is a platform where a fresher can work either part time or full time as they wish. There is no previous experience in writing is needed for writing articles in iWriter. But you should personally have skills in writing. If you don’t have much skills in writing articles  and Earn Money on iWriter, then there is a chance of blocking your account from bad reviews of clients. So beware of writing articles and try not to copy from any other places. The content should be completely yours.

It is a trustworthy website where new content writers get good opportunity for improving their knowledge and writing skills. you can become Elite Writer by continuously writing articles for iWriter and gradually you will improve your skill. Thus you can earn money online from home without any difficulty from iWriter by writing articles for clients.

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