How to Earn Money on RemoTasks

remotasks-signup : Remotasks is one of the popular platforms that give way to make money online. This site is quite easy and simple for you. They provide different tasks include tagging images, audio transcription, data collection and many more. Remotasks is created in the year of 2017 which have client companies from small start-ups to big organizations.

The simplicity of Remotasks made it popular among the web world. Those who are fluent in English can work on Remotasks. They provide many tasks and the worker should unlock all the tasks by clearing the tests given by Remotasks. Are you interested in Remotasks? Let us look at how it works.


Working of Remotasks

To get started with Remotasks you should register with Remotasks. You should sign up through your Facebook Account. While signup you should be careful about the email address of the Facebook. It is better to work in an incognito window. After login, you can find your dashboard in which it has all the details about your work. It is bliss that they provide a tutorial about what should you do in Remotasks.


Once you complete the tutorial you can start to work by clicking Get Started in your dashboard. The tutorial teaches you how to complete the tasks. The time to complete the tasks depends upon the users. The completed task will evaluate by the Remotasks. If you made any mistake over the task you should retry it till the task gets corrected.


remotasks tutoria


Only after completing the practice task you can enter to the real task of Remotasks. You can find many tasks on your dashboard. You can work on the real task only after passing the exam. The exams questions are like audio transcriptions which are easy to pass. Hence Remotasks will evaluate it.



Payment from Remotasks

Usually, Remotasks pay through PayPal. Add a PayPal email and country details on your profile by going to the ‘Account’ page from your Dashboard. You should save your changes to get the payment every week. The payment will vary according to the tasks.

They provide weekly payments which range from $1-$2 per hour. The only condition to get payment from Remotasks is that you have to at the minimum threshold of $5.00. Make sure that your account is linked with the PayPal address of Remotasks. Payment will depend upon the number of tasks you did.


Conditions You Should Follow


1.The basic thing before you work with Remotasks is that you have to fluent in English.

2.You should complete the tasks at the right time. If any mistakes or taking a long time to complete the tasks will result in blocking from the site.

3.Accuracy is an important factor for Remotasks. The score depends upon accuracy. If the accuracy is low, then you will be banned from the site.

4.You won’t have a second chance to do the task if you fail with the accuracy or taking a long time to finish the tasks.

5.You should keep in mind that once you click the “submit” button you can’t edit your answer anymore. So be careful while working with Remotasks.

6.It is better to work at least 20 hours a week. You can schedule your work at any time from your home.

7.Use a laptop or PC with at least 4GB of RAM.

8.Do not use your smartphones to login Remotasks, because it is difficult to do complex   tasks 2D and 3D annotation in mobiles.

9.There is a 2% PayPal fee for each pay-out.

10.You can only sign up with your Facebook Account.


Advantages of Remotasks

* You get the payment weekly.

* An helpdesk is available in Remotasks to solve your questions and problems

* It is easy to sign up in Remotasks

* They provide a tutorial video at the starting time.

* You will get paid according to the complexity of the tasks.

* You will get bonuses and incentives to earn more.


Familiarise with tasks of Remotasks

  1. Image annotation:

It is simple; you should draw boxes around objects to identify them in a picture.

  1. Categorization:

You should identify some keywords to identify a picture.

  1. Image transcription:

It is content writing about an image.

  1. Audio transcription:

You just write down what you hear from the video.

  1. Data collection:

Searching on the internet to find the required data.


Review of Remotasks

Having a regular job will make your life secure but having extra earning from outside will make your life extraordinary. The is no minimum time to complete the task but if you take a long time to complete the task you will get banned from the task. At the time you complete your exam you can start earning. Above 10,000 people are working with Remotasks today.

Remotasks now provides a chance to meet the people who are working with Remotasks if you have any doubt. Another highlight about Remotasks is that they provide an online helpdesk with experienced workers and Remotasks admins who help us to write the exam. So you don’t get upset about the exams of Remotasks. You don’t have to pay to use their platform. The job is relatively easy and can be accomplished by anyone with a brain. It is a better option to build an online business.

Remotasks is not a scam like other online sites. Even though the task in the Remotasks is repetitive, they offer payment for your work. Hence you can make money for a lifetime. Remotasks is 100% trustworthy and comfortable to work with. We can earn money by performing simple tasks. You cannot say that Remotasks is a scam because they have workers over 10,000. Even if Remotasks started in 2017 they attained popularity very speedily.


Conclusion of Remotasks

Remotasks is on the easy method to make money online. You will pay according to your work. Remotasks in being popular among the freelancing world because of its simplicity and profit making. You can do the tasks provided by the Remotasks at any time. So that the site is a stress relief and affordable.

Remotasks opens a door of hope to the unemployed people. They can earn about $40 to $50 per month with working for a few hours. Remotasks become a competitor among other sites in the web world because of its amazing features. Definitely, Remotasks will change your life and you can become the boss of your own business. Try Remotasks, you will never regret.

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