How to Enable RSS Feed Subscription in Blogspot


This is an era of information where each and every incident are based upon some kind of data and information. Managing the data and metadata of various fields in an effective as well as secure manner become a challenging part of Internet world. The necessity every time invents some amazing solutions for every hazzards. Here in our content management field also have some such amazing data handling techniques which helps the users to be updated with the changes and hot trends with a couple of clicks. Today we are going to discuss such a technique which is known as the RSS feed.


If you are entered into the content world to share different knowledge in well formatted manner with your own creative skill, you are decided to take the responsibility of being updated and update the followers in a timely manner. Or if you are located your favorite websites where you believe you can get the updated information regarding your interests, you are in need of a RSS feed subscription. If you are a Blogger then as per our context- the knowledge sharing through online, we have to be updated in a timely manner so that the intention of your blog should be the same for ever- that means the updated source of latest information. By means of time, different types of contents are being uploaded into the World Wide Web in different formats. You can found text contents, videos as well as audios which serves the followers the grand taste of knowledge in different fields. Information plays a key role in the all the business area so that getting updated with the recent trends and changes really matters in this world. As we have different channels or source to get our favorite updates, we have different medium to bring the changes into a central point so that the things get too easy for handling. Here comes the importance of a RSS Feed. Well, you will be familiar with this name as well as the associated icon which is having an eye catching orange colour with a white dot followed by two while coloured curved lines. Exactly the same that what you have flashed in your mind now. Whenever you visit your most favorite blog sites in any of the corner you may seen this icon. But ever thought of the reason for having this in the site? Hold the fire on your belly, as we are going for a deep walkaround in this interesting subject.


RSS which stands for Rich Site Summary alias Really Simple Syndication is a web feed that allows the users to get the latest updates of information from their favorite blogs or newreader websites in a timely manner. As we all know, the Information world is updating with microseconds and the entire world is having a curiosity to get the updates within a couple of seconds. So in this situation getting the latest updates on time is really matters and it need a very elegant channel to make it happens. On this place RSS feed plays its key role. As mentioned above, RSS feed is a web feed which is formatted usually in XML format to support all configuration platforms. That means, we can say as it is a universal standard like in the world of webfeed. I know you have come across a lots of technical terms like Web Feed, XML, newsreaders etc and you feel these makes a glitch in your mind? Don’t worry here we go little assessment with these terms below to continue with a well understanding.


What we mean by webfeed is that its actually a format used to provide the updates happening in a website or content aggregator to its users in a timely manner. Here a syndication of contents are actually happens. That means we are transmitting contents from one source to different destinations which may be the centre source for another set of destination. The working is like this: if there is a main blog site or a online content providing channel, whenever a blogger or a content writer submits a new entry or a new blog, the same update will be pushed into the users who have registered with the former online content medium or the Blog site through a RSS feed.


Aggregator is nothing but a web application which aggregates or sums-ups the syndicated  feeds into one place. That means all the newly added or updated blogs, text contents, videos, audios, new items or even podcast can be segregated to a main site and from there you can push the updates to the subscribed users who have an active subscription with the Aggregator site. RSS feed is such an aggregator who polling every time to get the latest contents that have been introduced into the information world before a couple of seconds. These aggregators will manage the contents from different locations in different knowledge areas and make it easy to handle from one single point.


XML Format -as we seen in the beginning of this article that the RSS feed is using XML data format for the syndication of contents from one site to others. XML stand for Extensible Markup Language which is an encoding data format in which the data is formatted in both machine and human understandable form. This is a secure format to electronically transmit data here the contents in our context over internet. RSS feed is using this popular as well as secure data encoding format to provide a secure feed syndication throughout the network.


Well, now I believe you have acquired a baseline about the RSS feed and why it matters in the website.Let’ move on to the steps that you have to follow in order to have a successful RSS feed subscription to your favorite Blogspot. As the first step, you have to navigate to the website which gives you the timely updates about your interests or favorite filed. You can either go to the site by entering the URL of the blogsite into the web browser’s address bar or simply go to there from your bookmark tab (as all our favorite links will be starred in the browser bookmark). Once you reached there, logon to the dashboard of your Blogspot and then search for the settings option of the blog. For all websites especially content managing websites like blog sites will possess a settings menu so that the users can configure the layout or other such settings for their better usability. As a next step, go to the Blogpost and from the available dropdown menu you can select the option you want to set for the RSS feed.


How turn off your blog’s RSS feed

How to Enable RSS Feed Subscription in Blogspot


i) Full: If you want to show the full content of the blogs which are going to be added in the future, you can set up with this option and it will show the full content as the feed.

ii) Short: If you need only a small excerpt about the update, just go with the option “short”. This will enable the short view of the contents with a neat format.


iii) until Jump Break: This option allows you to customize the content display by setting a jump break to the blogpost. This will enable a Read More link to the content tile so that users can click and navigate to the full content whenever they want a full view of the same.


Once you have done with all the configuration part, just press the Save button to complete the process. Now you are ready with your new RSS Feed and you will be updated with the latest changes in the blogspot within minutes.


So let’s have a look at  the pros of having the RSS feed in the blogspot.  One of the main advantage is that you don’t want to go regularly to the blog site to check for the latest updates. Instead the updates will come to your fingertips! How amazing! Isn’t it? No just have a RSS feed subscription and get rid of the manual checking and refreshing of blog site. Another important advantage is that the users don’t need any email subscription to get the updates. Now a days lot of vulnerabilities are happening through unsecure email subscriptions and lot of spam contents which are really harmful are dumping to the users email. Thanks to RSS feed to provide a secure subscription method with easy steps. And the same way you can unsubscribe to the Feed by a single click. Last but not the least you can aggregate all the updates in one point. Which definitely make sense of better content management with reusable features. And of course you will be get updated in a timely manner with all of your favorite contents.


Hope that you enjoyed the walk around with the topic RSS feed and you got an overall idea about the technic and technology of the same. So make a rush to your favorite blogspot and make your subscription to enjoy the reading time with latest ideas and creative as well as meaningful trends in your favorite fields and interests.


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