How to Earn Money At Home by Testing Websites on TryMyUI


You may be thinking of how to get paid to test websites on TryMyUI. Now you have reached at the perfect destination. Developers are in need of your help. TryMyUI is a website that helps you to experience the usage of other websites. The only thing you have to do is, test the website thoroughly and share your experience with the developers and designers of the website. You will be paid for the time you have spent in the site.

 Get Paid to Test Websites on TryMyUI

Every website owner requires a user friendly website for making more visitors to stay on their site. All visitors prefer to visit the websites which is user-friendly.  If your website is having broken navigation, no clarity, bad design, contents which are not arranged properly, then the owner will be losing money. This is the reason why company owners pay more money for a third party review of their website.

If you are good in conveying your experience with the website or app, in English, fluently, then there is an opportunity for you in TryMyUI Website. There are various kinds of job opportunities are available around the globe today to Earn Money TryMyUI during your leisure time. In this competitive world, it is interesting to know that there are chances that you can choose to earn a healthy side income. One such method of job is Website Testing.

You may be tensed that you have no knowledge in testing or have not tried it before. No need to worry about that. You can make extra money quickly from home by testing something that you have already doing every day in websites. If you have never tried website testing before, then take this as an opportunity to do it. Not only fixing bug errors make a website or apps looks perfect. More than that, usability testing holds a great role in perfection of a website. So there are a lot of companies who are ready to pay their testers (users) for testing their outputs. Website Testing can be considered as the best job that you can prefer during your free time to earn money from home. Mostly you may have to test a mobile application, or a website. Through testing, you are getting a chance to learn what it is, how it can be modified to be the best one.

TryMyUI is a usability testing platform which was founded in 2010. Its headquarters is at California. TryMyUI allows its testers to review their websites and apps and also to evaluate them. The website owners are willing to pay for each test you are doing on the site. The website owners or app owners promote user testing since they are aiming to make their website a user friendly one. The testers have to evaluate and review the difficulties which users may feel while using these websites and applications.

TryMyUI is a website that act as an intermediate between tester and website or application owners. Website owners needs TryMyUI to hire better testers to test their websites and aims to release them at its best way. Whereas TryMyUI also helps the testers to earn an extra money by testing these websites. If you are looking out for a passive income, this is the wright place.

How to Join TryMyUI?

Many websites are available which supports website and mobile application testing. TryMyUI is a similar website that supports user testing for websites and applications. In order to become a tester in TryMyUI, you don’t need any kind of technical skills. But you should have a basic knowledge about websites, how it works and your communication skill in English.

If you want to be a part of TryMyUI as a tester, then you can register yourself on the website. Also your age should be atleast 18 years to become a tester. After registration is completed successfully, you may have to attend an online test using a screen recorder. This test is done in order to check your efficiency in communication skill and to check your state of mind in reviewing correctly about the issues you face during this sample testing. Recording written issues with your voice record and screen shots are very simple and you can do so very easily without any difficulties. If the company hires you then you can apply for any test which will be available in the TryMyUI website and thus you can Earn Money TryMyUI. Whether you attended the sample test in a good way or not, they will provide feedback about your testing skills. If you have passed, you can certainly take the websites for testing in the website. If you have failed, certainly you will get another chance to do the sample test so that you can improve much more and can correct the mistakes they said in their feedback. These are the procedures through which TryMyUI hires testers and make them earn an extra money from home TryMyUI.

Steps to follow to become a tester in TryMyUI:

Here are the steps that you should follow to become a successful tester in TryMyUI.

Step 1:  First you have to register in TryMyUI website here. Here you have to fill your personal details like your full name, your email id, password for TryMyUI website. Remember that TryMiUI makes payment to the testers through Paypal. So always try to provide your email address to which paypal account is linked. Now your TryMyUI account is successfully registered.

Step 2: Now login with this details and click on “Become a Tester” at the top right hand side of the page displayed. See the image below.


How to Get Paid to Test Websites on TryMyUI


Step 3: Here you will see some demographic questionnaire. You will have to fill out this. There will not be much questions that make you feel irritated.

Step 4: After answering the questionnaire session, you will be redirected to qualification test page.


How to Get Paid to Test Websites on TryMyUI


Step 5: Before taking the test online, you will have to download the screen recording application. This software can be downloaded from the TryMyUI website itself. The url to the software is provided in the website itself. Once you have downloaded the Screen recording software, you can now begin the test. During the test, only your voice and computer activity will be recorded and not your face. So you don’t have to worry about that.

Step6: Getting into the test, there will be some instructions provided to you before starting. Also there will be a sample video of how the screen recording video looks like and what they are expecting. Your test will last for just 20 minutes.

From the beginning of your test, the screen recorder starts recording. So it is better to voice out all the test observations you find through the website. There is no restrictions in speaking through the screen recorder. They needs you to speak out clearly and speak out your observations, opinions, critics, everything. Don’t have to shy that you seems to be speaking a lot through this software. Shyness should be removed from you to a corner before starting the test. The screen shot of a sample qualification test is given below.


How to Get Paid to Test Websites on TryMyUI


Step 7: Once you complete your recordings, you can simply click on the Done Recording button. After submitting the test you can submit the test and should wait for 24 hours till the company get back to you. This will let you know that you are selected or not and provides their feedback about your test.

Step 8: If you have passed the qualification test, you will then begin to receive test invites in your email.

Step 9: If you are ready to start website testing, then only thing you have to do is click on the website link which will be mentioned in the email you receive. There will be instructions about the website that you are going to test within the email.

Step 10: Once completed the test, the company will then review it. Based on the review, they will accept or reject it. You can see all these information in the dashboard.


 Paid to Test Websites on TryMyUI

What is UsabilityTesting?

Usability testing is simple but it is as important as the company’s publicity lies here. If you are not familiar with usability testing, then I will explain what you may ask to do for usability testing.

Basically the company will be giving a list of tasks to you in which you have perform each of them in their website or app whatever it may be and submit your feedback as review or criticism or any kind of experience you feel while using their website. You can also suggest them your own opinion to make their site look good.

For performing these tasks they will pay you money TryMyUI for each test you take. One of the best things about TryMyUI is that they don’t want you to record yourself all the tests. These causes irritation for some people. So it seems to be an advantage. The tasks provided by the company will not be difficult. Mostly, the tasks will be add some products in the cart. Navigate to a specific page from another page etc. Don’t you feel that it is easier than anything?

But don’t think to build a career in this simple testing. It can be only a part time job which will done in your free time to earn extra Money TryMyUI. Website testing is an easier method to Earn Money TryMyUI .

One website or app test may take 15 to 20 minutes. Through TryMyUI, the company will pay you TryMyUI is a website that act as an intermediate between tester and developer. You will be paid an average of $10 for each test. And for tests which lasts for one hour, they will pay you $30.

How does TryMyUI Pay?

TryMyUI website pays you every Fridays. Mostly you will be provided the money onTryMyUI the same week. But if you have submitted the test nearly to Fridays, sometimes you may not get the money the same week. Instead you will have higher priority for getting payment the next week. TryMyUI pays you through Paypal to which the email id you provided during Sign Up. So always remember to submit your mail id which is linked with Paypal. Paypal is the only option that is supported by TryMyUI for money transfer. The standard payment is $10 that the test lasts for 20 minutes. For one hour testing, you will be paid $30.


After getting deep into TryMyUI, we conclude that the TryMyUI is a pretty much simple website application that helps people to earn some additional money if you put some additional effort during your free time. TryMyUI is the best website for the people who needs to Earn Money TryMyUI by sitting simply without any technical knowledge. Also they pay a reasonable amount for each test according to the time taken for testing their website. The whole application process may take less than an hour and takes only 24 hours to get the result from the company. So sit simply and start testing websites now.

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