Marriage is the unity of man and woman. The difference between a Christian Wedding and a non-Christian wedding is that in Christian wedding, marriage is done inside the church. They assumes that marriage is happened in front of God. Christians who marry are making commitment to the Christ as well as to themselves.

Since it is a sacred thing, the couples wear gorgeous dresses.

Earlier times, the groom wears black pants, white shirt and black coat. But nowadays the dresses of groom is as famous as brides. Mainly the most fashionable wedding dresses for grooms were followed in North India. But now in Kerala also, the fashions for groom wears have also been increased. Fashion designers are making different varieties of bride and groom wedding dresses especially for Christians nowadays in order to get a unique look.

The Wedding gown is said to be the most beautiful outfit for a Christian bride. The designs of the gowns and sarees which are used for the wedding are varying according to the new trends but the color remains to be same as white.

Different types of wedding gowns in kerala are:-

  1. Scoop Wedding Gown
  2. Boat Wedding Gown
  3. V Neck Wedding Gown
  4. Cowl Wedding Gown
  5. Halter Wedding Gown
  6. Sweetheart Wedding Gown
  7. Strapless Wedding Gown



A scoop is a U-shaped, low circular neckline that opens up the neck and beautifully displays the collarbone.

When you are looking for a wedding dress, the two main things to figure out is what silhouette and what neckline you want. A scoop neckline is really classic. Such a wedding dress is super flattering and it always shows your curves to advantage. There are thousands of ideas to choose from, and though scoop wedding dresses are often considered modest and too simple. Scoop wedding gowns may have exquisite lace applique, embellished and pearled wedding gowns that sparkle and make everyone look only at you. If you want something more simple and romantic, then pay attention to lace sheath wedding gowns with cap sleeves or just short sleeves.



Boat wedding dresses are one of the most important choices you can make for your wedding. Boat wedding gowns have a wide neckline that runs horizontally, front and back. It exposes your shoulder and gives you a modest and elegant look.



V- shaped neck is the speciality of these type of gowns.There will not be wide variety of laces on the neck part. This looks simple but in a modern fashion. Both heavy stoned ornaments as well as simple ornaments are suitable for these type of wedding gowns.




If you are looking for some clean, modern meet vintage styles to get dressed up on your big day, look no further than cowl back wedding dresses to exude superb fashion. Cowl neck can be either on front, or back or on both sides. If the cowl neck is at the back neck part, the neck will be wide opened. But if it is on the front neck part even though the neck is wide opened, it will not be a bore. Cloth provided at the neck part act like a shawl. Normally simple ornaments are best suited for these type of gowns.


A Halter Wedding Dress is a wonderfully designed dress with a single non-broken strap which wraps around the back of your neck. It creates a V-shape at the neck. The bottom of the dress cascades beautifully down the length of your leg. It is a classic styled wedding dress. This is also good for the women who are classic enough as they don’t want glazing appearance. This type of wedding gown is much more suitable for women having slim body language. The dress is suitable for wedding as it creates an elegant look to the bride.


A sweet heart wedding gown is suitable for almost all kind of body languages. Its speciality is it is having a heart shape at the neck. It feels to be wide neck as it emphasizes the shoulder and neck. It is most versatile, elegant and it also gives a feminine appearance. This type of wedding gowns are usually richly decorated. This will be a wonderful one to be selected as your wedding gown.


This is a type of sweetheart wedding gown and halter wedding gown. The difference is that the neck can be wide opened as a heart shaped. It enhances the neck and shoulder as a heart shaped neck gown. It is a sleeveless type of gown and also there will not be any strap around the neck. It gives the bride a most elegant look and provides a sexy feminine appearance.

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