Netpeak Software: New SEO Tools Brief Overview


Netpeak Spider – To become an effective SEO team, we should follow a different type of SEO toolbox. There are many effective SEO tools are available now. Out of this one of the important SEO tool is web crawling tools. Crawling in SEO means that the acquisition of data about a website. Crawling is said to be a process by which search engines crawler scan a website and collect details about each page: titles, images, keywords, other linked pages, etc. It will analyse our website in depth and optimize the errors on our website too. While going through these tools we can understand all the basic ideas to create or maintain a website without any errors.

Type of SEO Crawlers

  1. Desktop SEO crawlers
  2. Cloud SEO crawlers

1.Desktop SEO crawlers

As the name indicates these crawlers can be installed and use in your computer. The advantage of Desktop SEO crawlers are, they are cheaper to an extent and maintained easily. Netpeak Spider, Screaming Frog, Site bulb are the examples of Desktop SEO crawlers. But the Desktop SEO crawlers have disadvantages too. Such as,

*To avoid getting banned, we should use proxies

*It should consume more CPU and memory

*Limited collaboration

Because of the above-mentioned reasons Desktop SEO crawlers are using limited than Cloud SEO crawlers. The Cloud SEO crawlers have many advantages over the Desktop SEO crawlers. Let us check it out.

2.Cloud SEO crawlers

Cloud SEO crawlers are no need to download or install. It is far better than the Desktop SEO crawlers in all features like,

*Effective live support

*Advanced analysis of webpages

*Less consumption of memory and CPU.

However, Cloud SEO crawlers are more expensive than Desktop SEO crawlers.

Functionality of Netpeak Spider

While talking about the most effective SEO tools, let’s look out the most relevant SEO tool and that is Netpeak Spider. It is a new web crawling tool which helps us to maintain our website more effective. To getting started with the new SEO tool we should follow the below-listed steps.

Step 1

To begin with Netpeak Spider software you should register with your email or Facebook and create an account for you. After login to your account, you will be redirected to a dashboard of Netpeak Spider software in which you can download and install the Netpeak Spider crawlers. You can update your profile with listing your account information, contact information and social accounts. A live chat will be there for your assistance. You can upload your profile picture; hence people can easily find you. Netpeak Spider is available for free trial. They offer up to 30% discount for buying long term subscriptions like 3/6/12 months and up to 15% off in case you buy several licenses at once. This is all about the step1.Netpeak-Dashboard

Step 2

When you finish downloading and installing the Netpeak Spider just add your website URL to crawl the pages. The time may vary according to the length of the page. The crawling process completely depends upon the page length. The crawling process actually results in the details of the page and gives warning to the pages that have errors. At the time of crawling, Netpeak will show the average speed per URL. In case if you continue your Netpeak Spider after your free trial expires, you can buy a license and activate. Hence set up your subscription.


Step 3

Once you complete the crawling the details about the specific URL can be seen. The details should be more when the number of URL increases. Each detail of URL contains it’s a content type, number of issues, status code, title, title length, description, description length, outgoing and incoming links, and many more. The highlight of Netpeak Spider is it uses colours to indicate the pages which have errors and the pages which have no errors. The Netpeak Spider will filter the results that should be immediately checked.


Download NetSpeak Spider 3.0

For an overview, after the crawling, we should get to know about the basic details and performance about the webpage. The results are shown in colourful graphs so that it is easy to understand. While clicking each section of the graph it shows the URL which is the part of it. Hence we can find the faults in the webpage and make it more effective. An updated version of Netpeak Spider is now available Netpeak Spider 3.0 download with the code name “New SEO Hope”. It is updated with 300 more improvements with super features like crawling big websites, scanning with higher speed, provide more details about the webpage, advanced SEO analytics and many more. Also, the latest version will consume approximately 4 times less memory when compared to the first version. In addition to it, Netpeak Spider 3.0 download can pause a running crawl and resume it. Hence you can run it on another computer. If you fix the issues, you can rescan or remove the URL again in the latest version.

Comparison Between Netpeak Spider & Screaming Frog

Like Netpeak Spider many tools are available for the crawling processes such as Screaming Frog, Site bulb, Jet Octopus, Moz and many more. While comparing with other SEO tools, Netpeak Spider is more accurate and effective. Screaming Frog is one of the main competitors of Netpeak Spider. But the advanced features of Netpeak Spider make it unique. The features like,

* Netpeak spider tool will improve SEO ranking by finding errors in the webpage. The Netpeak Spider is 3 times more accurate analysis than the Screaming Frog. In addition to it, Netpeak Spider shows the whole errors in the website according to the criticality of the issue. But Screaming Frog does not.

*Netspeak Spider has less memory consumption when compared to other SEO tools. The maximum time to crawl ten lakhs URL forNetpeak spider tool is up to 12 hours and memory consumption is approximately 17,050 Mb of RAM. But according to Screaming Frog, it takes around 19 hours and 21 359 Mb of RAM. We can say that Netpeak Spider is the best without any doubt.

*Scanning speed is the parameter that every one concern about during the crawling. It is 100% guarantee that Netpeak spider tool will crawl your URL as soon as possible with less memory consumption. The scanning speed is high when we go to the advanced version of Netpeak Spider that is Netpeak Spider 3.0

*Online assistance is available in Netpeak spider tool if in any case of concern. In addition to it, we can choose our preferred language in the Netpeak Spider which is a unique feature for Netpeak Spider other than the Screaming Frog. You can chat with the team in Russia and ask your doubts regarding the Netpeak Spider. They will be there for your assistance.

*As we know Netpeak Spider is a Desktop SEO crawl so that the downloading and installing of Netpeak Spider is very simple. You can just signup with your Google account or Facebook account. The dashboard provided will show your activities in the Netpeak Spider and you can update your profile in it.

*In Netpeak Spider, it will filter the URL according to its criticality after analysing. Netpeak Spider does not bother about the number of URLs. They will show the results in the graph with various colours so that you can easily digest.

*During the scanning punching of parameters is available like punching of title, description, links etc. While punching this, it will help you to speed up the scanning and less memory consumption.

There is much more evidence to win the Netpeak Spider over Screaming Frog and other SEO tools. Netpeak Spider is a more relevant, effective and high performer.

Review of Netpeak Spider Tool

*Using of Netpeak Spider will improve your URL structure of websites and internal linking. It will solve the business problems like working the huge websites, to get full site structure, and improve internal linking. Netpeak Spider will really win over the other competitive sites. Everyone who used Netpeak Spider will recommend others to try it to solve your web page issues.

*Netpeak Spider is very unique in it’s the variety of features and parameters. Everyone will appreciate Netpeak Spider in its fast processing, even finding little issues, and punching of parameters during scanning.

*The trial version of Netpeak Spider tends us to buy the original version of Netpeak Spider with its amazing features. The sitemap validator is very useful to find issues according to the documentation. All over Netpeak Spider is easy to maintain.

Conclusion Netpeak Spider

Overall every user is satisfied with the Netpeak Spider. People are attracted with the ease of use, features and functionality, customer support, and value of money of Netpeak Spider. Hence Netpeak Spider becomes the best SEO crawl tool among all the competitors. If you are not tried Netpeak Spider yet, just try it out and find the solutions for your website problems. Netpeak Spider is the only best solution.


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