What Is The New Fiverr Pro And How Does It Work?

Fiverr Pro is a trusted and it is considered as one of the biggest Freelance marketplaces. The Fiverr has launched their Premium version which is called as Fiverr Pro. Fiverr Pro is very selective in selecting the freelancers to join them. Fiverr Pro selects only most experienced freelancers for their team. This reveals that only hard working freelancers can survive in Fiverr Pro. Fiverr Pro can recognize hard working freelancer by verifying their portfolio that have created over time.

Business buyers are thoroughly looking into Fever for highly professional services. Fiverr Pro is a great relief and trustworthy for freelancers. Fiverr Pro offers high quality, and experienced and verified professional sellers. It is very easy to find out a freelancer according to our requirements. Fiverr also helps the freelance workers who can improve and get opportunities in their firm. Many business channels search in the Fiverr Pro for a freelancer and aims to be success on the Fiverr Pro. Because Fiverr is a trustworthy website which act as an intermediate between a job seeker and business owners.

Benefits of Fiverr Pro:

One of the benefits of Fiverr Pro is its member can communicate directly with the business marketers. There are chances of getting high projects which can charge high amounts and you can earn more money. Moreover you can experience the solution finding techniques by doing more and more jobs. Fiverr Pro is a platform that provides opportunities for the hard workers in our society. In Fiverr Pro the clients can access the service directly and they can pay you the fees for the work that you deserve.

Fiverr Pro Gigs are needed to be paid to provide further services in Fiverr Pro. Their services start at $5.
Additional amount has to be paid for additional gigs. Gigs are the services offered in Fiverr Pro.

Currently, the Fiverr Pro gigs are available in graphic design, logo design, articles and blog posting, videos and animations, social media digital marketing etc.

Some most important benefits of Fiverr Pro are:

  • You can decide the cost for your work.
  • A Pro label will be attached to your Fiverr Pro gigs. Thereby the business men who needs to approach you will see you along with the badge.
  • Fiverr will help you with all the issues and conflicts with your buyers.
  • There will be no extra referral fee from you for your gig ordering process.

How to Apply On Fiverr Pro?

You can apply in Fever Pro for any category no matter whether you belong to those categories or not. The application process won’t consider your familiarity in the categories you provided in the application.

Creating an account in Fiverr is completely free of cost and you can start adding your posts from the first day itself.

Follow the steps indicated below to apply successfully in Fiverr Pro:

Step 1: You can start creating an account in Fiverr Pro by clicking on this link

Step 2: Click on “Join” button

Fiverr pro

Step 3: There you have to enter your personal information like your name, email id, address, phone number etc.

Step 4: By moving on to next session, you will be asked to provide your professional experience. It is always great to provide the information as honest as possible. You may also have to provide the urls that you have worked with.

Step 5: After filling up your professional experiences, you will be redirected to the page where you have to provide the offers for your customers. You have to provide some sentences about what you are and how you view this opportunity. Nothing much. Write just four or five sentences about yourself.
Even though you are supposed to write only four or five sentences about yourself, try to make your description brief and concise. Also include your future hopes and interest to be a part of this.

Step 6: Next turn is to write your Educational details. If you have passed or learned any courses regarding to the specifications you are giving, this may help you in being selected in Fiverr Pro.

Step 7: Next step is to select your areas which you are having good experience and are interested to work as a freelance.

Step 8: Once you provide your areas of expertise, you will be asked some questions about it. It includes questions like “what is the hardest part about it?” etc. So remember to select only the areas which you are familiar and expert so that answer the questions easily without having to face any difficulty. By clicking on the Submit button, you will finish your registration process.

After successful completion of your application, you will be getting a confirmation email. The Fiverr Pro will cross check your application thoroughly and once it is approved by the team, they will contact you. It may take some days for them to check your application and contact you. But number of days may not be much more. You don’t have to wait for more days.

How to Earn Money by doing tasks on Fiverr?

How Does Fiverrr Works?

Fiverr can work in two ways. You can “Sell Services” or you can “Buy Services”. The procedure of payment is that, the service buyers will have to give the payment to the service sellers. Here in order to earn money, we will be concentrating on Service sellers.

A service seller can post any number of service posts in his profile. Each service you offer, you will get $5 as payment. You can also offer multiple services for $5. Otherwise you can offer only one service for $5. These offers can be done as you wish. As you are new to the Fiverr Pro, it is better to offer more services first for $5. Whenever someone orders your services or Fiverr Pro gigs, you will be paid instantly to your account for your services provided that you have completed the service successfully. Let us see now, how it is going to work.

Step 1: You post your offers for your service buyers.

Step 2: Service buyers order for your services. Immediately they pay $5 in Fiverr.

Step 3: Whenever you see any active notification, you can start doing your task.

Step 4: After successfully completing your task, you will be paid by the Fiverr.

Fiverr Pro works according to the steps given above. That means you post your services under a particular category and sub category. Selecting the wright category for your service has an important role in getting orders for you. Let us suppose that one of the business owners that is service buyers has ordered for your services. Instantly they will pay $5 for you in the Fiverr Account. After you have completed providing the respective services, Fiverr will directly pay you the amount in your bank -account after reducing the commission. That is for $5, Fiverr will take $1 as commission. So you will be paid only $4. Suppose that you couldn’t deliver the task at time, so you will not be paid ever for that task.

The procedure about working of Fiverr Pro is simple. No need to get tension about the payment. But it is not simple to get an order in Fiverr.

Once you start getting an order, you can try to make it to more orders by performing well than they expect. But the challenging part is that, your services or posts you describe has to be more clear and precise. It should be arranged well in terms of description and presentation. There may be hundreds and thousands of posts have been uploaded in Fiverr. So always remember that you are going to compete with the ones who are posting relevant Fiverr Pro gigs. Always provide the service buyers more offers than the others. So that if the profile about yourself looks good, and certainly they will look for better offers. So you may be getting a chance to survive in Fiverr.

The next one you may be thinking is how to know whether you are getting an order in Fiverr? This is very simple. When someone orders your gig, you will get an email notification from Fiverr to the email you have provided at the time Fiverr account creation. Also you can view the orders in the Fiverr Account itself. When you login to your account, you can see a To Do list. A complete list of business owners who have ordered for your service will be visible here. Once the order is active, you can start working on it immediately. After completing your task with them, you simply click on the “Deliver Now” button.

About Fiverr Payment Details:

Payment is already done in advance by the service buyers before you deliver the task. They will pay the amount $5 in Fiverr account for you at the instant they order for your gig. But Fiverr will not pay in advance. They will collect the payment from the service buyer in advance, but they will not pay it to the service seller in advance. Only after delivering the task successfully, instantly Fiverr will transfer they payment to your Paypal account after reducing their commission from it. That means $4 will be paid to your Paypal account and take $1 as their commission.

So as a service seller, before joining Fiverr Pro, you should certainly have to make sure that you have a Paypal account. If you don’t have a Paypal account, ask one of your relatives or friends to help take one, otherwise use on of their Paypal accounts if they are not using it. Always it is good to create your own account in Paypal. Isn’t this seems to be simple???

Tips to get orders on Fiverr:

If you are an expert in the service you post, there is nothing to worry about the payment. But it is very challenging to get the first order for your profile. So here I am going to provide some tips to improve your profile so that you can get orders more.

1. You should use a decent photo as your profile photo. Description area of your profile should include your experience. It should not exceed 4 to 5 sentences. The description should be attractive and it decides whether you have the ability to get selected or not.

2. When a customer asks a question about your service at any time, you should reply them with answers politely. You should not speak rudely.

3. Before posting your gig, verify others too. There may be many service sellers like you who have already posted their gig related to the similar gig like you. So go through their gig posts, get some ideas about how to provide offers and what they are missing. So write down your posts with all these ideas and give more offers than others.

4. Try to include your own style for Gig title. There must be some attractive words in your Gig title so that the service buyers pays attention to your post.

5. After posting your gig, you can also post them to draw more attention to your post through social media like Twitter, Face-book so that when some body searches for something related to your gig, yours will be appearing on the web.

6. It is observed that if you have added videos like some video making or graphics etc., those Fiverr Pro gigs take more attention and get more priority than others.


Fiverr Pro is one of the best platforms for people who need to earn an additional money through part time working. If you have a mind to give an extra effort on these tasks you can definitely earn more money by working with Fiverr Pro. Fiverr Pro is the best platform on which you can improve your skills on one side and earn an additional money on the other side.

You can get more number of orders and you can complete it within half an hour for each. So think well, that how much you can earn by putting a small effort during your free time. Remember the tips I have provided to get more orders. Keep them in mind and start earning a bit more. You just have to be smart enough to beat your competitors. Nothing is going to be lost if you have joined Fiverr Pro. Just try it. Definitely Fiverr Pro will help you earn more money.

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