Online Captcha Entry Jobs Websites To Earn Money


There are many more online jobs available in Internet which will help you to make an extra income online. We have already discussed about the website testing jobs, make money solving captchas through hearing music online and many other methods to earn money by solving captcha working from home. In this blog, we are going to discuss about best captcha solving jobs available widely on internet. Only qualification you require is ability to type atleast 10 words per minute. All you have to need is a computer and an internet connection.

There are many captcha code typing jobs sites available. Simply saying, the only thing you have to do is just solve the captcha you see on the screen to earn money by typing captcha without investment in india. There are many scam websites that offer online captcha entry work without investment in home & daily payment and many of us fall into it. To avoid this, we have selected some genuine captcha work sites without investment to earn money online by typing captchas in india. Everyone of us look for a secondary income to fulfil some of the small needs. Captcha entry work from home without investment is the most easiest way to earn a small income on one side.

What Is Captcha Entry Job & How Does Captcha Job Work?

We have seen forms containing Google captchas or alpha numeric captchas in Internet. A captcha is a verification test to check whether the user is a robot or human. Captchas are available in different types. They are audio captchas, image captchas, letter captchas, number captchas, math solving captchas and so on. Websites uses captchas in the sign up form to avoid spam. If you really love and enjoy typing, then earn money by entering captcha online at home. Captcha typing work without investment is a very good job and easy.

How To Make Money Online By Typing Captchas?

For all the ones who are looking for captcha jobs daily payment without investment, you have reached at the wright place. Not matter what language you knows, you will get paid for captcha entry at home. You need to have typing skills atleast 10 words per minute. In this article you will get the best captcha job sites to earn captcha money by side. We will also introduce captcha online jobs in tamil, high paying captcha work sites and many other information you need. I have tried many typing jobs to earn by captcha entry, and also tried captcha work in mobile without investment. But many of them were fake. In this article we will introduce the genuine websites to earn money online through typing captchas.

How To Earn Money By Typing Captcha Jobs From Home?

Typing Speed is one of the major factor to make captcha money from home uk typing at home during your free time. If you have a good typing speed of atleast more than 30 words per minute, then you can earn more money than others. The below mentioned is the list of top 10 legitimate online captcha typing job sites available all round the world.

Top 10 Online Captcha Typing Job Sites:

The top 10 best captcha typing job sites which are high paying captcha work without investment are as follows:

  1. 2Captcha
  2. ProTypers
  3. CaptchaTypers
  4. VirtualBee
  5. Kolotibablo
  6. MegaTypers
  7. Qlink Group
  8. PixProfit
  9. ShortTask
  10. Freelancer

1. 2Captcha :

Captcha Jobs

2Captcha is one of the best online captcha solving jobs for all the people around the world. In 2Captcha, captcha solving jobs can be done in both desktop computers and in mobile phones. For start doing tasks in 2Captcha, you have to register yourself here. Here after creating account in it, you will have to attend a training session. It includes various kinds of captchas which you will be facing during when you are doing solving captcha for money.

Once you have successfully completed the training, then you are supposed to solve any kind of captcha code work at home. Captchas will be loaded quickly and you don’t have to waste much time bored sitting in front of the system to make money captcha jobs from home uk. For every 1000 captchas solved, you can earn upto $1.20. You will get only around 10 seconds to enter a character. So you will get enough time to enter all the captchas and nothing will be gone missing.

You can also make money with captcha websites, through referring with your friends. You can also earn bitcoin solving captcha through this website. 2Captcha does payment through Payza, PerfectMoney, and Bitcoin. The payment for your successful completion of work is done in 3 to 5 days.

2. ProTypers:

Online Captcha Entry Jobs Websites To Earn Money

ProTypers is a captcha data entry jobs online free registration website. It was also called as MegaTypers before. It is a free captcha entry jobs website that provides more captchas to make money through solving them. Here you will get 15 seconds of time interval between each captcha to enter. A person who is looking for high paying captcha work without investment has reached at the wright place. You can also solve captchas for bitcoin.

If you want to be a user of ProTypers, then you can do so by clicking on the link here. Users can work on solving captchas any time you want and you can even stay long solving captchas. But you will have to solve each captcha within 15 seconds. If you timed out or entered wrong captchas 10 times a day, then you will be kicked out. If you go beyond the maximum limit of wrong captcha count per day, you will be gradually banned from the site.

A new user can go for $0.45 for each 1000 captchas you enter correctly. You can gradually change to $1.5 per 1000 captcha once you get some experience in this job. ProTypers pay its users through Paypal, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Check payments, Western Union etc. The minimum amount that you get payment is $3.

3. CaptchaTypers:

Online Captcha Entry Jobs Websites To Earn Money

CaptchaTypers is one of the websites that offers the best online captcha typing jobs without investment. It is one of the websites that pays highly for free captcha entry jobs. All those who are searching for home based free captcha typing jobs philippines will also be benefited from CaptchaTypers.

First register yourself in CaptchaTypers by clicking on this link. After doing registration first, you will be provided with an admin id. This is used for payment process. But after that, you will have to create worker id. Worker id is required for get paid for typing captcha and for doing tasks.

For getting free admin details, mail to The details will sent back to you through their official email id. You don’t have to pay anything for getting admin details. The payment to its users is done through Payza, Perfect Money, WebMoney, etc. The user will get a payment around $0.7 to $1.20 for 1000 captchas.

4. VirtualBee:

Online Captcha Entry Jobs Websites To Earn Money

VirtualBee is a website with best online captcha typing jobs free registration to solve or type captchas for money. You can register to VirtualBee through this link. Once your application is accepted, you can simply login and start working on it. You can either select numeric captcha or you can select alphabetic captcha. This is a very rare website that offers its users to select themselves which type of captcha they want.

VirtualBee is now become a part of LionBridge virtual solutions since 2001. You will have to be pass in an evaluation test to become a user or worker in VirtualBee. This is mandatory and all those who are having good typing speed and with more accuracy can succeed easily in this test. You can earn captcha money from VirtualBee around $0.10 to $0.35 for 1000 captchas you complete. VirtualBee pays through Check or Direct Deposit.

5. Kolotibablo:

Online Captcha Entry Jobs Websites To Earn Money

Kolotibablo is a website that offers good opportunity for the data entry field to earn money by side without any workload tensions. Only thing you need is the typing speed. This is one of the top ranked websites for captcha entry jobs. You have to register here for becoming a user in Kolotibablo. But we cannot specify the actual payment that get paid to a user after completing 1000 captchas. It is because, the user will be get paid only according to the ranks you get. Better the rank, the amount obtained will be more. So we cannot predict the amount obtained correctly through Kolotibablo.

But approximately the amount get ranges from $0.35 to $1 according to your ranks for each corrected 1000 captchas. For getting better ranks, you should try not to do mistakes in captchas. The amount will be transferred through Paypal only if you have earned $5. Otherwise $1 is the withdrawal option for most other payment options. Payment is also done through Payza, Paypal, Bitcoin , webMoney etc.

6. MegaTypers:

Online Captcha Entry Jobs Websites To Earn Money

MegaTypers is a website which works similar to the ProTypers which we have explained above. This can be a perfect platform for housewives to earn something with theor typing talent during their free time at home. MegaTyper is an ancient site which was famous for its captcha entry opportunities.

For signing up with the website, click here. Once you have completed the registration process, you can straight away move towards the work. There is only 15 seconds time limit for each captcha enter. You will have to follow the rules provided by the MegaTyper at the time of registration. Any fault in the rules will lead you to suspension. More the captchas you enter, you will get credits. These credits can later be converted to Dollar currency.

In MegaTypers, the payment provided to the user will be $1.5 for each 1000 solved captchas. The rates varies with days. Sometimes the rate will be high and sometimes low. Once you start working on it, you will be able to understand how variations cause the payment. MegaTyper pays through Paypal, Payza, Western Union, Bitcoin , etc. You can collect the cash when you reach a minimum of $3 earnings and $100 for Western Union.

7. Qlink Group:

Online Captcha Entry Jobs Websites To Earn Money

QlinkGroup is a legitimate website that offers captcha entry jobs world widely. Before getting into it, you will have to register yourself in this link. After signing up with the website, you will have to attend a captcha speed test. Here each if you have passed this test, you can directly do the captcha jobs available in the website. But even though you have passed and once you failed to complete the captcha entry or the time has been exceeded, then you may get suspended. The site is little bit strict. The payment for each 1000 captchas is $0.60. It uses Paypal and PerfectMoney for paying the amount to its users.

8. PixProfit:

Online Captcha Entry Jobs Websites To Earn Money

PixProfit is another legitimate website, that provides opportunity for solving captchas and for earning an extra penny of money for your expense. Every one of you can register to this website here. You can even make additional money by sharing this website with your friends. Your friends with or without the registration link can join PixProfit and solve the captcha solving solving jobs within no time and earn maximum money as you can.

Since you are a fresher to the site, your payment will be less than the other users. Later gradually, according to your captcha solving skill and typing speed, your payment will increased. For every 1000 captchas, the users will be paid $0.60 to $1.50 through PayPal or WebMoney or PerfectMoney transactions. Minimum amount for payout is $3 for all the payment gateways. Through PixProfit, you can also earn money by referring to your friends. Through referring, you will get 10% commission.

9. ShortTask:

Online Captcha Entry Jobs Websites To Earn Money

ShortTask is a website that offers small tasks for problem solvers. It is also called as a micro tasking website. You can be its user by registering yourself here. In this website, it includes not only captcha solving jobs, but also other kinds of small tasks as well. So after registering yourself here, you can directly apply for captcha solving jobs earn money. Unfortunately, we are unaware about the payment to which they pays to its captcha solvers. Here captchas are provided by other companies and those employers decide how much they pay for their solvers. Here the minimum payout is $10.

10. Freelancer:

Online Captcha Entry Jobs Websites To Earn Money

Freelancer is a website that provides job opportunities for almost all of the categories. Freelancer also supports captcha entry jobs earn money along with other jobs. you can register here by clicking on this link. As we are discussing about captcha solving jobs, you can select captcha jobs as your preferred job category. You can work here as a freelancer in this website after registering through the link provided above.

Anybody can register no matter which nation you belongs to. There is no registration fee for registering as a job seeker here. There will be other jobs listed along with best captcha solving jobs in the job listing page. During registration, you can either specify whether you are interested only in best captcha solving jobs. Otherwise no need. if other jobs seems to be simple and sometimes you might be able to complete it along with captchas. So you can directly select your preferred jobs through Freelancer website.

For the case of payment, we cannot predict the exact amount since there are many other kinds of job category also posted here. Also captchas might be added as a job by different employers. The payment varies according to the employers. But there is guarantee in getting payment and Freelancer is said to be one of the legitimate website that will pay you money correctly after completion of work. the payment is mostly done through Paypal, Payoneer, Skill, International Wire Transfer. The minimum payout is $30 for all the payment gateways.


For getting easily paid without any kind of pressure, best captcha solving job is the best way to earn an extra money as your side income. We cannot survive unless we do not have an additional way to handle some of our expenses. So captcha solving can be considered as one of the easiest way to earn money online at home during your free time. But one problem is that, as there is no risk in captcha solving jobs and since there is only speed of typing and recognition of characters is the main requirement of these kind of tasks, remember that you cannot earn much from captcha solving. From all the above listed captcha solving websites, it is understood that around $1.2 is the average of payment you get for 1000 accurate captchas you solve. But while thinking on the other side, instead of simply wasting time chatting and simply sitting, you can even pay you by solving captchas for solving them accurately during your bored leisure time.

Captcha solving cannot be considered a waste since you are getting paid by simply typing accurately the captcha visible on the screen.

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