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Online Data Entry Jobs Website – Job is a dream to all human beings who believe in self-standing and live a free and secure life. Every one selects the field where their talent makes them a shining star and thus makes their career life more successful. But this ideal dream is not happening to all or we can say majority. This can be of various reason like lack of adequate talent, not able to deliver the ultimate even if having the potential, lack of managing power etc. etc.  

There is another group especially women who cannot continue their career life due to various reasons. In both the case, everyone wishes to have a secondary or primary source of income in order to fulfil their needs, in such a situation different types of part time jobs was originated in society, but all of them were suitable for all. Reasons behind this mismatch were like age problems, traveling issues, lack of talent and so many other valid reasons. With the help of Internet a new Job culture was originated in the Job world which is known as “Online Data Entry Jobs Websites ”.

As the name indicating this work is done through Online Data Entry Jobs Websites or we can say the work is done through Internet. This is also known as home based jobs because the job can be done from your own home or location where you can do your job. Only requirement that is needed for this job are a personal computer or system with good network connection and knowledge to handle it. Whatever be the job nature, Online Data Entry Jobs Websites is very popular among the career world as it is a good source of income to both employed and unemployed persons.


Online Data Entry Jobs websites


What makes Online Data Entry Jobs Websites this much popular? Well, this is a good question as anyone should know the popularity among this Job. The main point that makes Online Data Entry Jobs Websites as the best in Industry is the easiness of  doing job from anywhere around the Globe. Yes, you can sit anywhere and can do your work! How relaxing this, isn’t it? And the next important factor that makes the Online Data Entry Jobs Websites more popular is the necessity of raw data, information as well as knowledge for various fields and researches. Fields like Medical, Education, Engineering etc. are having enormous number of emerging trends and researched which need different types of data handling like sorting, filtering, testing, proof reading –all these comes under the Online Data Entry Jobs Websites field.

And towards the third and another important factor for this popularity is the wide range of employees, anyone having basic knowledge of internet as well as system usage can do these works simply and can earn a good income. Lastly about the working hours: you can work your own flexible time. This is really an advantage to those who need this work for an hourly basis. Women, especially moms at home can really use this hourly based working system so that they can turn their free hours to valuable incom

Now let’s see what all are the jobs that comes under this Online Data Entry Jobs Website. Simple data entry like processing a word file or excel file is the basic format of online data entry job. However sometimes you may found jobs like converting image files (scanned images of books/ journal etc.) into data files (word or pdf) on certain category of works. Online data entry works in Medical field always converts audio files into text files- which is another type of data entry.

Apart from these, some jobs may like filling up forms regarding certain products or services. Another category is online survey in which you have to take surveys of certain products or services from which you can earn your income. Copy & Paste is another work which can found on Online Data Entry Jobs Website where you have to copy paste advertisement links to various websites to gain the reward points other words your wages to the work.

Apart from above mentioned categories, there are some special categories like Captcha filling- you have to solve Captcha; the security code to complete some form filling or data submissions, Re-formatting text files- you have to work upon the alignment and formatting of paragraphs as well as sentences to make a completely formatted documents etc. in this Online Data Entry Jobs Website list. These types of Jobs don’t need any tech savvy knowledge to proceed further.

If you are an expert in internet and system usage and good with English language, then you can shine in Online content writing which is also known as Blogging. High payment will be the reward for such contents which is strictly subject oriented as well as well organized.

You can also work in Caption creation which is another thrilling part time job for all those who have good language as well as creativity. Today each field is having their own growth and almost entire companies in these fields keeping track of historical as well as fresh data for various researches and little creativity as well as proof reading skills will be added advantage for working with these online data entry jobs.

Hope you have now got an overall picture about Online Data Entry Jobs Website as well as its categories. Then let’s discuss where you can find such Online Data Entry Jobs and other online works. Before that you should be very alert towards in legitimate such companies as well as websites as more and more fraud and fake stories are hearing in this online data entry work industry.

Keep yourself away from data entry work providing websites where you have to pay registration fees to enrol yourself for data entry job. Any reputed firm or organization will never charge registration fee for hourly based work items. And in search of your Online Data Entry Jobs Website, if  you ended up the search having website with many success stories showing high payment receipts or cheques, say No or drop your search there because, you may be definitely mislead by any spammers.

Well, now it’s time to disclose some of the best genuine online data entry work providing websites for you to grab your chance to earn a good primary or secondary income to secure your career as well as financial stability. See below the list and try with the best without any further delay.


  • Snagajobs
  • 2Captcha
  • Fiverr
  • Amazon m Turk
  • UP-work

1) Snagajobs

Being the leading online data entry work providers in USA, this site will definitely help you to spot out the best online or offline work from the company website. Snagajobs paid out good remuneration to their hardworking employees.  

2) 2Captcha

This Company provides Captcha solving work to interested candidates.  The work nature is something like you will be presented with some image file displaying Captcha code and you have successfully converted it to the text field. You should gain some speed for this Captcha submission without compromising to the accuracy.

3) Fiverr

This is another number one company in providing opportunities in online data entry work. In order to get your chance with this option, you may need to create a gig with high quality as well as best connecting images. Yu can also have alternative method on this gig concept- you can use their custom gig in order to attract the clients. Keeping your good track on the service you provided to the employers is the main thing that matters for the Fiverr online data entry work.

4) Amazon m Turk

This place owns a millions of opportunities to the job hunters who are looking for online data entry job. Here one can found number of jobs posted as HITS and can select to work upon these simple and easier online work. Your pay-out will be either bank through or as Amazon redeem vouchers.

5) UP-work

This is another big company who offers millions of opportunities in online data entry jobs. Previously this firm were known as Odesk and now the name Upwork. Create your account in this website and using your credentials log on to the upwork world. Spot out your dream job and start earning your extra income process without any fear.


Believes that the article has been helpful for you to know and understand Online Data Entry Job trend and its pros and cons. So if you believe yourself as a motivated and determinant towards doing Online Data Entry Jobs, then make a choice from the above listed websites ad start your work as early and make your financial state to a stable position. Having these much popularity as well as simplicity the Online Data Entry Jobs Website field is now reached on a high range where anyone can earn up to their maximum potential. So if you already have a primary source of income and then also have some free productive hours with creative mind and brain- no more thinking let’s do a choice and add an extra financial stability to your life and enjoy the life.

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