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Raven Tools reviews


Raven Tools reviews

What is Raven Tools?

Raven Tools is mainly an SEO analysis tool in which it is a complete solution for online marketing. The amazing fact behind the Raven tool is that they can manage all the client data from a single location and connects their campaigns in Google Analytics, AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter, and more.

History behind Raven Tools

Raven tools were founded in 2007. On initial days it was a rank checking tool which is only focused on SEO. After that Raven expanded their service with site auditor, social media tracking, and AdWords and WordPress management features by 2012. To know more about the Raven tools you should spend time to review the product and study each feature of Raven in detail.

About Raven Tools

Raven Tool is highly advanced with full of features, and these features make Raven Tool unique. The main features of Raven Tool are mentioned below.

  1. i) Campaign Management

The dashboard in Raven Tools will help in the campaign management. In order to do the campaign, you should add or choose the campaign first. To add the campaign Raven provide a button in the dashboard and moreover in the Profile Manager. Before adding a campaign you have appropriate permission to do so. Otherwise, you do not find the button for add campaign. Raven offers,

 Raven tools campaign

* 20 Campaigns on Start

* 80 Campaigns on Grow

* 160 Campaigns on Thrive

* Unlimited Campaigns on Lead

You should upgrade your plan on Raven in order to increase in the campaign allowance in Raven. You can find the delete icon in the Settings in order to delete the created campaign. Different client’s data can be given to Raven. Raven offers unique campaigns to different clients. They provide third-party applications. You can choose your campaign in the dropdown menu and provide options to organize the containers for your campaign. Raven offers unlimited creation of campaigns in which you do not want to bother about the extra cost for the new campaigns.

  1. ii) Website Research and Analysis

Raven Tool is an easy platform for website research. They provide searching for client sites, keywords, and ranking of the competitor site. You can enter your URL, domain or keyword to find the real-time data from Moz, AdWords to find the detailed information. You can research keyword using Google Data Connection. Hence you will get ad data, search volume data in location and global. It also provides similar phrases for the searched keyword.

The amazing fact about Website Research and Analysis of Raven Tool is the Google Keyword Planner is integrated with the Raven Tool so that it provides the data straight from the data source. Also if you need to integrate Google Search Console with the Raven tool you can display the average rank of the data.

The Keyword Manager will allow organizing and storing the keywords for link building and for PPC Campaigns after the keyword search. The research central gives keyword information like Google Local Trend, Google Global Trend, Local Average Volume, Global Average Volume, and Keyword Competition in both Local and Global. Raven shows the Search Volume Trends in the graph according to the date.

The Site performance provided by the Raven includes External Backlinks, Citation Flow, Trust Flow, Domain Authority by Majestic and Moz. The Site Metrics includes the loading time of the site, page speed by the site auditor and Google.

iii) Link Building

Link building is basically for adding links and tracks them. The links may both active or not. The linking building is provided by the link manager. The link manager will find the quality of the submitted link by using Moz. The link building includes the backlink explorer which allows the user to get the advanced backlinks. While turning on the link monitoring, you will get changes in the link like edits, status updating and so on. Link building is a unique management process.

  1. iv) Content Management

Content Manager is basically intended to writers. The user can create blog posts in Raven with the help of WYSIWYG editor. You don’t want to bother about the WYSIWYG editor because the platform is provided by the Raven Tool only. The content manager is similar to WordPress. In Raven’s WordPress the content will straight go to your blog. You can manage various sites within Raven’s content manager.

While blogging in order to recommend the keyword and optimization tips Raven integrates a Scribe with existing Copy blogger Scribe. They provide SEO analysis of articles. Another offering from Raven is a Text broker in which it helps to purchase the content from the content manager and push to WordPress blog.

  1. v) Keyword Manager

Raven’s keyword manager is mainly used to upload, organize and store keyword for link building and PPC campaigns. You can store any number of keywords in which keyword manager doesn’t have any limit for storing keywords. Google AdWords is integrated with Raven so that keyword manager displays search volume, the rank of the keyword, active keywords, number of visits to your site and so on.

You can either add your keyword within the Raven or can import the keywords through the CSV files. User can organize the keywords using tags in which you can identify brands and groups using the tags. Raven provides a simple keyword manager.

  1. vi) Site Auditor

Raven’s site auditor is mainly used to fix all the issues of your website and take back your website with better performance. A site has issues like server errors, 404’s, redirect issues, robots.txt issues or malware issues. When Google crawls your site the robots will find the issues and sent a notification. So that a user can fix those issues to make the site issue free. It also provides an assessment based on SEO areas like search engine visibility, metadata, content, links, images, semantics and page speed. An auditor can crawl the site on weekly or monthly. You can compare the crawling according to weeks or months.

 Raven Tools dashboard

vii) Site Performance

Site performance includes all the metrics according to the site. The metrics include SEO Metrics, Site Metrics, and Social Metrics.

viii) SEO Metrics

SEO Metrics mainly result from Moz and Majestic. It deals with the performance of the website according to the rankings. SEO Metrics update once every 30 days. SEO Metrics includes

  1. a) External Backlinks (Majestic)

The number of backlinks pointing to your website which is determined from Majestic’s Historic Index.

  1. b) External Backlinks (Moz)

The number of backlinks pointing to your website which is determined from Moz’s Open Site Explorer tool.

  1. c) Citation Flow

It is the weight of your website by the number of times a URL is linked by the external pages. It is a Flow Metric from Majestic

  1. d) Trust Flow

Trust Flow shows the trust from the external websites which you are linking. It is a Flow Metric from Majestic

  1. e) Domain Authority

It is based on Moz’s predictions such as the performance of a website in search engine rankings.

  1. f) MozTrust

Is the trust score for the global link. Basically, it is similar to MozRank it measures link trust rather than measuring link popularity.

  1. ix) CRM

CRM basically contacts relationship manager for SEO which manages an online relationship for marketers. The basic function of CRM is tracking. Other than tracking a user can save contacts which have no limit in storing. Tracking includes showing the lead status, emails, number of links and so on. Raven provides straight navigation to leads through Twitter or email. The tracking process is more effective in Raven because it can bring up all the contacts in one place.

  1. x) Social Media Publishing and Metrics

The user can connect their Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn account through Raven. So that they can post and create updates via Raven. Raven shows the social media metrics by analysing the leads and visits to Social Media. The metrics are hence divided into Facebook Metrics, YouTube Metrics, and Twitter Metrics and so on. Providing Social Media Publishing and Metrics is a unique factor only for Raven.

PPC Ad Management

Another significant feature for Raven is PPC Management. PPC advertising accounts are Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads. A user can connect these accounts to Raven so that the marketing process will be easy. A user needs to spend more time to sign in an advertising account and do the rest of the process. Interestingly Raven will help you to save time because a user needs not to be spent extra time to log in the account. Moreover Raven will help you to select the AdWords and finding the issues which make your market down. It replaces the low-quality campaigns gives your site a better performance. These tools are provided in the dashboard itself.


A user can create reports in Raven through WYSIWYG Reports. Raven will store the past reports so that a user can access his past report and can edit if needed. You can create a relevant copy of the report in the text editor. The Report Wizard in Raven will help users to drag and drop the campaign elements which are needed in the report. The report that is created in Raven is professional which is available as a webpage or pdf. The reports can be done easily and quickly.

Pricing of Raven Tools

Mainly the Raven Tools are available in two packages that are Pro and Agency.

Pricing of Raven Tools


Pro is mainly aimed towards the consultants and smaller agencies. They provide unlimited campaigns and unlimited branded reports. The site auditor will crawl up to 10,000 pages per site in monthly crawl limit of 50,000. There are 40 backlink research reports. It can be used by only 4 users at $99/month.


Agency is for midsized agencies and upwards which have unlimited users and unlimited campaigns. The site auditor will crawl up to 10,000 pages per site with monthly crawl limit of 50,000. They provide unlimited and automated brand reports with $249/month.

Review of Raven Tool

The amazing factor is that nobody will disappoint after using Raven Tool. It becomes the leading internet marketing tool in the web world. Raven is the best time consumer and makes our works so easy. They provide cross-platform reporting. All users are satisfied with Raven.

Raven Tools: Just Try It Out

From the above features, you can understand that Raven Tools can fulfil all your needs based SEO and digital marketing. The unique features in Raven make it more popular. Raven can integrate all your social media account and advertising accounts so that it can save you time and makes your work easy to get better performance for your site. You can choose Pro or Agency pricing for Raven Tools. You can try the trial version of 14 days of Raven Tool if you have doubted. It is sure that you will definitely buy the Pro or Agency after the trial version. Raven Tool is the last word for SEO. It is beyond your expectations. Try it out!


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