How to Use Social Media Marketing For Traffic- A Step-by-Step Guide

Social Media Marketing


Building an effective Social Media Marketing you can Boost Website Traffic is look like planning and deeply studying something you need to know how efficiently get traffic in and out of the social media. If each social media marketing is a different type of visitors, your targeted social media traffic should be a basement for your revenue. one of the main reason you should use Social Media Marketing to increase your website traffic. it is not much hard work to drive traffic from social media but if u used correctly social media marketing can become one of your great source of traffic towards your website that can help you establish a successful online business or blog

How Do You Increase Traffic by using Social Media Marketing?

Increasing your social media traffic which happens only when you are engaged and build solid relationships with the social media marketing platform. each social media platform is different and audiences are also different so if you need a sudden increase in your social media traffic there are certain things to remember for all your social channels. you need to remember your content need to say everything your brand, so you need to make sure these things like a blog post, posters, and a solid infographic and beyond that make the social sharing aspect greater

15 Ways Social Media Marketing can Drive Traffic to a Website

social media marketing


To get your social media traffic rolling, follow these steps

1.Add your website’s URL to your social media profiles

First thing is first to make sure you need to link your web site links to your social media marketing pages. It may sound obvious but there are cases that this is ignored. adding links may not help SEO to rank and you can drive a huge amount of traffic from these links connected with social media.

2.Inspire Your Audience With Visuals

first, you need to make a good impression with the Audience. by making the good visual you can get a good amount of post reach in social media. people in social media is always looking for visual content to help make sure their purchasing decisions are valid. if the Audience are viewing your visuals they are 90% increase likely to make a buying decision when compared to text reviews

Provide awesome visuals effects that not only stand out
Vibrant colors and well-designed layouts
High-level photography
Visuals telling stories
Visuals showing products or services in a new light
Consistently on point and well-planned

3.Use #hashtags effectively

By using the effectively hashtags can generate more reach in your social media postings. take a look at the some of the most used hashtags that get millions of reach in social media and make sure that you use them correctly

4.Make Your Content Easily Shareable

When are you are trying to generate the traffic from social media you need to remember it should be very interesting and easily shareable .when visitors read your post on your website that they really like, they need to things that I need to share this information with my friends or my social media followers. thus you can make it soo easy by having a properly configured social media buttons in your website or blog.

one of the common mistake social media buttons but not checking that the content is shared correctly.when you are planning to share a post with the social media you need to make a solid title description and a meaning full images in a well-formatted manner otherwise the user will not show any interest in your post to make a good visual effect before sharing the posts in the social media

5.Improve Your SEO

While you are looking for a maximum share in your content in social media, you need to make sure that your content is being shared correctly and effectively. nowadays digital marketing has grown immensely, at some points you need to check your search engine optimization (SEO) has done correctly in most the cases that integrating SEO best practices into your content can help you to get a maximum share in social media
Improve online visibility
Generate more sales/leads
Strengthen your brand’s authority and domain
Connect with your direct audience
Increase your social media traffic

if you are looking for a sudden boosting in your social traffic, you need to optimize the content for the top search engines like google and bings can increase your social media traffic.

#6 – Add links to your social media postings

When you are planning to share a post with the social media you need to make a solid title description and a meaning full images in a well-formatted manner a link to the original source thus by adding a link to your content with the social media people will click the links they will redirect to your website, you’ll encourage external sites to link to your site with social media.

7.Know When Your Audience Is Listening

You need to make sure your audiences are interested with your post .. keep and an eye in your content. Once you start to see a spike in social media traffic, you shouldn’t slow down on your get high traffic from Social Media Marketing. I recommend daily publishing is important to main a decent amount of traffic generation. you need to make sure what time you should post the content, what types of content are getting maximum reach and provide some insight vies how much you need to post daily

Here are the few steps to make sure you follow these to get traffic from social media

Post on Facebook 3-10 times a week
Tweet at least 5 times a day
Instagram around 1.5 times a day
Post on LinkedIn 2-5 times a week
Post on Google+ 3-10 times a week

After that, you need to Research Your Competitors. by some using some software, you can get the dissect your social media traffic. you can now make and locate the key performance metrics and see how your audiences respond to your competitors’ social posts. by doing so can try to figure out

Try to figure out things such as:

Successful post times and days
Most engaging social channels
How often they respond to their comments
Types of content published (images, videos, quotes, etc.)

you can make a little time for this-this will increase your overall traffic to the next level

8.Create Infographics on Interesting Topic

The good Infographics images have become more popular in Social Media Marketing platforms for recent years. apart from creating a good SEO platform, these Infographics will help you to attain more traffic towards your websites. you need to identify and create a good Infographics related to your industry then create all the point you need to show in infographics. then find a well developed professional infographic designer to develop it.. it may cost a few dollars but the end result is high increased conversion rate.

9.Don’t over promote your products or company

when you are creating a business or any other pages don’t always try to post your product or services. the thing behind that your follows are get bored by seeing only about your product or services. instead, try to make your posts interesting and some helpful post so more people will encourage your post they will share with there friends by this your page gets more links and followers. Your first goal is to retain your followers and then to make them convert.

I will give you a tip if you are planning to make 5 postings per week try to post 4 things which are interesting and helpful to other but need to make sure are posting which are related to your website.

10.Create a blog and publish evergreen content

Reading all the tips you can easily identify that Social Media Marketing success depends on the quality of content. if you are planning to post on social media you need a lot of good content you can share.

one of the solutions is you can use some other website content by linking them you’re your social media post the disadvantage the traffic will drive towards there site, not your site this is a problem. you need to get traffic towards your site you need to share content from your site and the best way to do this you need to add a blog section in your website and publish the high-quality content. the high-quality content is a good way to get traffic from social media

11.Don’t just post content but manage your social media accounts

If you are always posting content in your social media will not attain any traffic nobody will see them until you gain enough followers in your social media accounts unless you need to boost those posts. here the question arises How do you get more followers? by managing your own social media account. its one of the time and hard work process how to start. whom I need to follow, who are you following back who did not so as to remove them and start all over again . by doing these you can get a decent amount of followers and traffic

12.Spy your competitors

You need to always check your competitors pages even once in week it would be nice if you take a look at your close competitors what they are doing what they are posting, what is their following in social media, growth rate etc . you can catch few ideas on how you can gain traffic from Social Media Marketing campaigns as well so keep an eye on your competitors.

13.Measure results

You can use Google analytics to measure the traffic towards your website how many traffic is generating daily what pages are traffic generating etc. You can find the report under ACQUISITION / ALL TRAFFIC / CHANNELS. keep a close eye on how many visitors are generating from each Social Media Marketing network per month and keep a analyse report which social media network works best for your business or blog use more time on that social media to generate good traffic
beside the google analytics there are many tools available you can to check the traffic from from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest from the tool you are using to schedule/publish your posts in the social networks.

14.Reply to comments or mentions

You need to check regularly with your social media account and reply to comments, mention your product and service. you need to show the user you are active in these social media encourages more engagement. for a simple if some tweet on your message just tell them to thank you

15.create a social media marketing strategy

A successful social media must include a goal what you need from these social media you need to include details about your social media goals, targeted audiences, content marketing, post share, people encourage in your content etc you need to correctly measure the ROI from your social media efforts.


Social media marketing can bring a huge amount of traffic towards your websites like any other online marketing technique, it is not a simple process you can do it in one day it is a process that needs a lot of effort and handwork and time.According to Wikipedia content , there are over 200 of social media. And that number is only growing each day. in the point of view you need to build a strong presences on at least a few of them. Social Media Marketing cannot replace the SEO but by using both you can generate more and more traffic towards your website

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