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Free best free music download sites Some of the free music download websites are mentioned below. Check it out to download your favourite music and enjoy it


Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. Nowadays there are plenty of websites available for free music download. You will be surprised while seeing these free best free music download sites. Some of the free music download websites are mentioned below. Check it out to download your favorite music and enjoy it.

16 Best Free Music Download Websites Songs In 2020


1.Amazon Music

Music Download Websites

Do you get surprised when hearing Amazon provides a music download section? It is included in the prime membership at no extra charge. The amazing feature of Amazon Music is it is ad-free and includes 60 million songs and 2000 playlists and stations. They offer offline downloads too. Another amazing feature is this is hand-free with Alexa. The website is very legible and the music is divided into different sections like Trending Music, International Favourites, Mixtape, Bollywood Retro Classics, and Listen to Music at Home which includes workout music, yoga music and so on.

To enjoy Amazon Music pick up an Amazon prime account and go for Amazon music which is a free music download site. You should keep updating to see the new stunning features of Amazon Music. This is supported in any smartphones and both iPhone and Android devices.

2. Soundcloud


Music Download Websites


Soundcloud is a popular website to download music free. Soundcloud is a European online audio distribution platform and a music sharing website. They provide more trending tracks and more songs from your favourite artists. One fantastic feature of Soundcloud is that you can upload your track too and can see which fans and from where they are listening to your voice. You can touch with your fans by direct message and comments. Soundcloud gives chance to diverse community f creators.

Soundcloud is updated all the time. So you can get trending tracks and discover new music. It is a completely good website to download music in which anyone can upload or download their favourite music. You should sign in to your account in Soundcloud before you enjoy the songs.

3.Jamendo Music

Music Download Websites

Jamendo Music offers free music downloads. This is one of the safe free music download websites because this is protected by the Creative Commons license. This license means that the creators never mind if you download their tracks. So you can download the music of any artist for free. Jamendo Music provides free streaming and free download. If you are an artist you can upload your tracks to Jamendo Music to make others enjoy your music.

Another feature of Jamendo Music is they include radio stations so that you can enjoy the live streams. A wide variety of songs are available in Jamendo Music. Just sign in to Jamendo music to download free and have a blast. Also, stay updated with Jamendo Music.


Music Download Websites

Soundclick is a music-based community. They provide the best independent music on the internet. The best thing about SoundClick is its stunning website. You can download your favourite music in mp3 format. Several artists in SoundClick offers free music download. The best thing about SoundClick is ad-free; we can customize the layout and unlimited streaming. Each listener has got own profile page in which you can customize your playlists, follow artists for updates and network with other users.

You can listen to SoundClick with or without login. But to customize, you should sign up to the site. Another unique choice in SoundClick is, you can customize e-cards with background music and send to your loved ones on their birthday or anniversary.


Music Download Websites

Audiomack is a user-friendly website and a completely free site to download free music. A creator can share and download any music without any limitations or restrictions. Audiomack is available in all smartphones like iPhone and Android. One can upload their music or podcasts to Audiomack. It is a limitless music sharing and discovery platform for artists, creators and fans. If you want to be the first person to know when new music arrives, you should make sure that follow your favourite artists.

The best thing about Audiomack is they provide video content too. The top artists and trending songs are available in the dashboard itself. You should sign in to Audiomack to get latest updates. Also, the creators can know how their tracks doing in Audiomack like how many plays, new followers, top-performing songs etc. Stay tuned with best free download music website Audiomack.


Music Download Websites

ReverbNation is best known for pop and hip-hop songs. It has got a huge fan base. ReverbNation is one of the best free music download sites in the world. The stunning and impressive catalogue is the attraction of ReverbNation. It has got millions of music collections and hundreds of genres. ReverbNation is somewhat like SoundCloud. One can join in ReverbNation as artist or fan. They have got exclusive opportunities and powerful tools to impress fans. A user can log in to ReverbNation through their Facebook account too. 

The ultimate aim of ReverbNation is to provide a central site to the creators, artists and producers to collaborate and communicate with each other. It brings out new artists and creators to the music industry hence one can grow their carrier through ReverbNation. To download free songs from ReverbNation go to the search page. Then on the left-hand side check the box next to “Free MP3s Required” and click “Refine Results”. Then click on any music you needed.

 7.Internet Archive (Audio Archive)

Music Download Websites

Internet Archive provides e-books, but it has an audio section too. The Audio Archive section provides thousands of music and it allows downloading or listening to music free. They give an audiobook and poetry recordings. The best thing about Audio Archive is its filter. This filter allows you to select the actual song that you are searching for. Anybody can upload their music to Audio Archive. You can see thousands of recordings uploaded by the archive users. The page of Audio Archive is little mess but its okay.

You can access the page only after sign in to your account. Internet Archive is just building a digital library of internet sites and other cultural arts in digital form. You can download free music from the Audio Archive. Not only music but also they provide video, blog, book, image section too.

Music Download Websites is the largest online music service. This website is founded in 2002 which is available in multilingual. It was a radio station former but now it is disconnected and doing as a free music download service. The personal profile page of each user is created automatically by which includes the basic information of the user such as user name, date of registration, the total number of the track played, avatar etc. This profile page is visible to the public. set a Shoutbox to the public to receive messages. You can customize your profile and can listen to the music on your taste. builds an in-depth profile of every user’s musical style by recording details of the tracks the user listens to, either from net radio stations, or the user’s pc or several transportable music devices.


Music Download Websites

The songs in CCTrax are available as Creative Common music. So that it is safe and download music free. The Creative Common licence gives free music download and promotes the music of artists. CCTrax has got a good layout and it allows searching the particular label, artist, genre etc. CCTrax provides different category like Electronica, Dub, Techno, House, Downtempo, Ambient and so on. They offer video section also. 

The most uploaded tracks in CCTrax are a free download. You can record a thousand of tracks over CCTrax. Each release is tagged with its according licence. Keep updated with CCTrax and stay tuned.

10.Wynk Music

Music Download Websites

If you are looking for Indian music go to Wynk Music. You can listen to the latest Hindi and English songs through Wynk Music. It offers the best collection of Hollywood, Bollywood and regional songs too. The best feature is you can select 14 languages you like. If you want Wynk in your mobile, download the app for Wynk Music and enjoy the free music download Websites. You can search your favourite song from thirty lakhs free songs offered by Wynk Music. You can create listen to lists, like and share your favourite music in Wynk.

Wynk Music is ad-free and provides unlimited streaming for free users. Also, Wynk Music provides the best offers to Airtel users.

It is supported in every Android and iOS. Each user can search songs according to their moods. You can listen to live radio also in Wynk Music.

11. Youtube

Music Download Websites

Youtube is one of the largest websites for unlimited video streaming on the internet because almost all types of videos and songs are available on Youtube. In the case of Youtube, not all songs are downloadable. You can download your favourite song by setting a Creative Commons licence. The music tracks with Creative Common licence are free and safe downloadable. If you are a Youtube premium customer you can enjoy an ad-free platform.

Youtube music includes music albums, cover, remixes and so on. Youtube music is available for free and can download music free. Users can enjoy offline music by downloading an app for Youtube Music. It is available on all platforms. Search your favourite music and enjoy.

12. Google Play Music

Music Download Websites

Google Play Music is Google’s platform to listen to music free. It offers free trial when you subscribe. The layout of Google Play Music is amazing. To access Google Play Music you should open the Google Play Music app and move to the settings row. Click on subscribe and get started. This is currently available in all territories. Google Play Music offers 40 million songs, unlimited skips, podcasts, ad-free music and so on.

You can listen to offline music by downloading Google Play Music app in your mobile. Also, any user can upload their podcast through Google Play music and reach through millions of Android users. Go to Google Play Music and download free music.


Music Download Websites

MP3Juices is the best site for free download music. Later it was mp3juies but it was shut down by London police. So now it is called as The amazing offer by is they provide an mp3 cutter too so it can trim the unwanted sounds. You can download music free without any restrictions. The new songs are updated every day so you should keep updated with every day. The quality of the music provided by is first class.

You can go to offline music by downloading the app for and also you can listen online on the website too. To download music from, get started; select the song and click download. Before that, you should accept the terms and conditions of

14 .Spinrilla

Music Download Websites

Spinrilla is called the world’s first Mixtape music app which includes more independent hip hop music. New music is uploaded daily in Spinrilla. One can upload their tracks in Spinrilla by taking an account at Then complete the application and make others enjoy. The rating for Spinrilla in Google Play is pretty good. But Spinrilla has no affiliation LiveMixtapes, DatPiff, or MyMixtapez though it heavily takes from Mixtape hubs.

Spinrilla is available in both app and website. The app is supported in both Android and iOS. The offline mode allows users to listen to music from Spinrilla without internet. To download free music you should keep a tap on the particular music and click on the download button on the bottom left of the screen and the downloaded song will be there in your Spinrilla library.

15. My Mixtapez Music

Music Download Websites

My Mixtapez Music is just like Spinrilla because they also provide hip hop songs. You can listen, download free music and connected with several mixtapes, rappers, DJs, hip hop music and so on. My Mixtapez Music is also available both online and offline. Once you download the app for My Mixtapez Music you can save a lot of data. You can upload your music to My Mixtapez Music by just clicking upload button in the site. This is 100 per cent free of charge.

You can promote your music by clicking the promote button on the website by choosing the best package you can afford. Mixtapez is free because they are not concerned about the money, but they motivate people to improve their carrier and get a fan base.

16. MP3 Music Download Hunter

Music Download Websites

MP3 Music Download Hunter is an app which provides free music download websites. It is available in Google app store. It has millions of copyright songs to free download. Most of all songs have Creative Common license so that the songs can download safely. MP3 Music Download Hunter let you search your favourite song according to the genre like pop, hip hop, ambient, jazz, metal, classical music and so on.

Downloading music help you to listen to it offline and you can make your music library according to your taste. One thing about MP3 Music Download websites Hunter is the commercially released music like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and others cannot be downloaded through MP3 Music Download Hunter.

About Free Music Download Websites

The above-mentioned sites are for user information because most of the users are unaware of these free music download websites. Almost all sites provide English music but there is a website here which provides a decent collection of Indian music. These websites allow downloading free music but there are some websites which offer free music download websites in the first trial and after that, you should be a premium customer of that site. Such websites are Apple Music, Prime Music, Spotify and so on. The sites which are mentioned above are completely free and safe to download because most of all music platforms are having Creative Commons licence. You should try it out once. Stay updated and stay tuned!

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