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All of us spend time for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other social media every day. We all have seen many picture quotes as we scroll down the Newsfeed. We could see many likes and even shares for them. Rather than ordinary quotes picture quotes are getting more recognized and publicity among the public. People get attracted to a particular post or quote or anything through its presentation. Pictures, styles, animations, etc. play an important role in getting more attention from the public. Getting more attention, likes, and shares for your quotes can make you earn more by aside.Anyone of you can create a quotes website without any much effort. Themes are available nowadays and you can simply purchase your liked theme which you think that it will suite for your website. You can customize the purchased theme for further modifications and make money online through publishing your picture quotes.

By using a pictorial theme for making website you can create a beautiful site and also add interesting quotes into it which is related to your site.

Here in this blog, we introduce the most preferably using themes which is best suited for quotes websites.

Word press theme for quotes website


Word press theme for quotes website

Pinfinity is a WordPress theme that is best suited for pictorial quotes. This is a purchasable theme. Its subscription charge ranges from 39$ to 199$. It provides a minimum of 1 year support and 1 year updates and all other supports.


Infinite scrolling:    Here, the new quotes are added automatically into the home page and you can scroll down to infinity. There is no limit for the number of quotes you provide and it will remain on the home page until it is trashed from it.

My Favorites option:  Pinfinity also provides a special feature to its users that they can mark quotes which they like to “Favorites”.

Different quote formats:  Pinfinity theme supports different kind of post or quote formats. You can select any kind of style formats to make each and every quotes beautiful and elegant.

You can use of the most likely used page builders such as Divi Builder, Elementor, Site Origin page builder etc. for post building. Pinfinity supports speed optimization, and easy to use theme.

Once you have subscribed to Pinfinity theme, then you can use the theme as many times as you like to any number of sites.


Word press theme for quotes website

Face Press is a community builder theme with multiple layouts which will be suitable for your quote websites to make it impressive. Face Press supports front end content adding, images, video files etc. Face Press is a purchasable theme with a regular license of $49. It provides future updates and quality has been checked by Envato.


Follow/ Unfollow specific quotes:   Face Press supports following a quote which you like most like Favorites. Also you can unfollow if don’t want to be in your favorite list. Its functionality is similar to what is there in Facebook.

Different Layouts: You can either use full-width version or the fixed size layout. You can also different colors for your quote background and for their headers. It also supports various category layouts like grid view and list view. Face press is completely built for pictorial representation of something. May be it is built for a website which includes gallery of various pictures, or pictorial quote websites.

Supports front end submitting:  Face press supports front end submitting of posts. That means you can directly add your posts or quotes through front end of your website. The blogger can select the post format they need. The post format includes audio, video, text etc. and they can even disable them if not needed.

User registration and login:  You can also add members to your websites who are willing to add quotes for your websites. Face Press theme supports member registration forms and login for them to login up.

Supports unlimited quote adding: Face Press also supports unlimited adding of quotes for your websites. All the member will be registered as Authors and they can write quotes and style for their websites as they wish and thereby you can attract more bloggers and readers towards your quote website.

  1. GATHER:

Word press theme for quotes website

Gather is a WordPress theme which is best suited for including gadgets, quotes, projects you have done before, display a collection of products etc. Gather is a better theme that supports mobile versions and so it can be said as responsive theme. Gather theme is highly customizable. This includes message text, Buttons and other call to actions. Gather is an attractive theme that provides 14 page templates and a huge number of useful short codes.

Gather is a theme that includes different layouts, and it supports audio, video, gallery, etc. It also includes touch sensitive slider. Gather is a theme which can be blindly indicated as a platform that contains more than enough useful features that make your readers share your quotes with the world.


Word press theme for quotes website

Pinboard is a WordPress theme that has so many features which is best suited for a quote website. Its functionalities are somewhat similar to Pinterset desktop site.


Auto-stacking Layout:  Stacking refers that new items will be the first to be shown up. That means in the case of quotes or posts, the posts that are published latest will be first post shown when the page is loaded.

Mobile Responsive: Pinboard theme is qualified for its presentation and also it is responsive to most of the mobile devices like ipad, iphone, android phones etc. It doesn’t matter which device your readers use. Pinboard always provide a better reader experience for accessing your quote site with best look and feel.

Infinite Scrolling: The new posts that are added will be accumulated at the top of the home page. It includes a pin board option panel that makes you scroll to all the posts that are published on your site.

Other feature: Comments for your quotes can also be added in a neat way. Also the image of the author who is a member of your quote site can also be made seen automatically under each post.

  1. CALMER:

Word press theme for quotes website

Simple, minimal and clean design are the features that make Calmer theme different from others. The main target of Calmer theme is that its reader should feel something more and it makes them engaged in your quotes. Calmer designs your content with sweet pictures which conquer your mind towards it and lead you get more understanding about the quotes. Calmer quote theme is actually a theme which is best suited for regular blogging. It is also well designed to publish quotes. It contains many kinds of post formats in which it includes post layout which is best suited for quote websites. It has a single column layout and it can be customized quickly without configuring all the elements on the site. Calmer theme is mobile responsive.

  1. ORCA:

Word press theme for quotes website
Orca is a WordPress theme that is used for publishing posts and quotes. It includes a sidebar so that readers can navigate to any category quotes from anywhere of your quote website. It is a cool and spacious theme that makes quotes best fit for the website. It needs a regular license of $49. Orca is a WordPress theme that supports responsive layouts, 7 variants of post format, short codes for various functionalities, widgets, more than 60 customization options, 3 header styles and 3 header styles are the major highlights of this WordPress theme.

  1. CEDAR:

Word press theme for quotes website

Cedar is a WordPress theme that functions on a regular license of $49. It is a responsive WordPress blog theme. It is a single column theme that enables the author to write quotes without requiring any frills on it.


Responsive Layout:  The usage of mobile devices are increasing day by day. Cedar theme offers 100% guaranteed responsive theme layouts no matter what the size of the device is. It also guarantees the best functionalities on all devices which are being used today.

Better Post Formats:  We should focus on the texts and images we are using for getting attention from the public. For this styling the texts with proper layouts and media files such as images, video files etc. should be included in your posts.

Developer Friendly theme: Cedar is said to be developer friendly since it provides short codes and widgets which help them to customize the theme without any difficulty. Also Cedar theme is made simple for developers to freely craft advance customizations and rebuild the theme freely without any difficulty.

Other features:  Cedar provides full page cover headers, more than 90 customization options and 700+ google fonts. It also provides 8 WordPress post format for publishing the quotes with attractive look and feel.

  1. BLG:

Word press theme for quotes website
BLG is a minimalistic theme focused on readability. BLG theme includes only a limited number of style choices and it is structured through better use of typography. Its regular license price is $199.
Responsive theme:  BLG offers responsive quote websites which can be made apt for most of the devices such as tablets, mobiles etc.
SEO optimized: BLG is made SEO optimized which has been built with headings and google rich snippets and much more required for SEO.
Revolution Slider is included. It also includes multiple slideshows for each quotes.
Post Format: It includes post formats like images, video, gallery and all other media files. BLG supports back end color picker with unlimited color options for any kind of color settings.
Support: The main important feature is that BLG supports life time support and updates.


Word press theme for quotes website

QuoteBank is a new responsive WordPress theme. This is a developer friendly theme that helps even a non-techie person to customize his website by his own. Two or three column layout is supported. Quotebank is compatible in WordPress latest version also. Built-in social sharing buttons is available. Completely compatible with most of the major WordPress plugins. Optimized Google Adsense. Tagging is possible according to quotes and author.

  1. READ WP:

Word press theme for quotes website
Read WP is a minimalistic WordPress theme that supports quote website creation. Its regular license is $39.
Responsive design: The theme supports mobile responsive websites which looks good in tablets, android phones, iphones etc.
Page support: Read WP supports unlimited quotes. Any number of posts can be added here without any limit.
Social Media: Read WP theme supports social media icons for sharing of your quotes in the social media like FaceBook, Twitter etc.
Layout: It includes layouts such as grid layout, with and without sidebar. In total Read WP provides 3 blog layouts. Also this theme supports 600+ google fonts.
Theme customization: Customization of theme is made developer friendly.

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